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Woman at the well preschool video

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Have children place their hands under running water in a sink and then drink a cup of water. Afterward, hold up a glass of water and a picture of Jesus. Paraphrase the story from John Jesus can help us live forever. Give each child yarn and a plastic container such as the lower half of a bleach bottle or a milk carton.

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Preschool Sunday School Lesson: Woman at the Well

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Kids will learn that God wants us to share Jesus with everybody. Everybody eats Cheerios. In fact, for many babies, it's one of the first solid foods they eat. Kids will learn that the good news of Jesus is for everyone. Thank you for Jesus, and thank you for your love. Help us to share that good news with everyone we meet.

Blessed is the person who goes to him for safety. Put the verse on the big screen and read it aloud with the kids. Ask the kids what they think the writer was trying to say when he wrote these words. A table, a box of Cheerios, a bowl, a baby doll, a few other boxes of cereal. The table is set up on stage with a bowl and some cereal boxes. Mel enters and stands behind the table.

Mel talks loudly, like a used car salesman, and wears a cheap suit. Are you bored of the same old greasy breakfast? Tired of McMuffins and Croissanwiches and those high fat donuts? Here comes another customer. What kind of cereal can we put in your face today? KATE: Cheerios? Why would a baby eat Cheerios? MEL: Are you kidding? Everyone eats Cheerios! MEL: Look at these little bits of whole grain goodness. Kate takes some Cheerios and tries to feed them to her baby.

Everybody loves Cheerios, and Cheerios are for everyone. Everyone needs Jesus. KATE: My baby? If you were watching a toddler, and the toddler wanted a snack, which one of these cereals would you give him? How about some Rice Krispies? But Rice Krispies are really small, too small for a toddler to get a grip on and put it in his mouth. What about Raisin Bran? What about Cheerios? And no problem bits for the baby. Kids eat them. Teenagers, young adults, even older adults. Cheerios are a food that stick with you your whole life.

God sent Jesus to be the Savior of the whole world. Jesus died for everyone, young and old. Cheerios may save your heart, but Jesus can do more. He can forgive your sins and give you eternal life. The good news of Jesus is for everyone: your family, your friends, your neighbors, the whole world. Choose two players for this game. Each player gets three hoops and three chances to toss the hoops onto an orange cone ten feet away. The player who makes the most ringers wins. In case of a tie, go to sudden death.

Keep tossing until one kid misses and the other one scores. If you have a smaller ring toss set up, feel free to use that instead of the jumbo set up. He is available for everyone. Does anyone know? Eating a good breakfast gets you ready for a busy day at school or at work. It gets your body working. It gives you vital nutrients to help your body start the day.

Everyone loves cereal. Kids love it. Grown ups love it. Everyone has a favorite, of course, but there are some cereals that are universally enjoyed by kids and adults of all ages. One of those cereals is Cheerios. In two of the top four best selling cereals were Cheerios.

Honey Nut Cheerios came in first, and regular Cheerios in fourth. Cheerios can help you get healthy and stay healthy when eaten with a good diet. But Cheerios are a favorite with parents and kids. Kids love it because it tastes good. You know who else loves Cheerios? Cheerios are a very popular snack for toddlers. Cheerios are a reminder that the good news of Jesus is for everyone.

Just like heart-healthy, great tasting Cheerios, Jesus is a person that kids, adults, and everyone in between needs to know. At first glance this is just another story about Jesus meeting someone and telling her she is loved, but when you look a little deeper, you see this was no ordinary woman.

She was a Samaritan, and the Jews did not like Samaritans. She had been married many times, and she was an outcast because of her many husbands.

He loved her just as much as he loved any of his disciples. As a matter of fact, he loved her as much as he loves each one of us. He told her that he had come to give her a new life. He came for everyone. How many of you have tried a new cereal, one that was so good, you had to share it with someone else? How many of you have recommended a new restaurant? Or a new type of candy?

When you learn about something new, something exciting, you want to pass that news on. The good news of Jesus travels best the same way, one person at a time telling one person at a time. Just like Jesus, who shared the good news with the Samaritan woman, God wants us to share the good news with our friends, our family, our loved ones, our classmates, anyone and everyone who is willing to listen.

You can share the good news by inviting someone to church. You can share the good news by doing good things for others. Or you can share the good news simply by sharing a snack with someone. Jesus did it over a glass of water. Maybe one of you will do it over a bowl of Cheerios. The important thing is to share Jesus with others. Jesus died for kids and adults. He died for the rich and the poor, the sick and the healthy, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Jesus loves you. He loves the whole world.

Have everyone stand in a circle. Go around the group and see who can catch a Cheerio in his mouth. What are some things we can do to share the good news of Jesus? Help us to share the good news that you love everyone. Use us to share that love with the world. Who can catch the most Cheerios in a row? Why was it so unusual for Jesus to talk to the Samaritan woman? Cart 0. Menu Cart 0. Find What You Need.

‘The Woman At the Well Encounters Jesus’ Childrens Lesson

John , Lessons. Read John You may also want to explain to the children about the relationship between the Samaritans and the Jews; how the Jews avoided the Samaritans and did not associate with them. To understand some of the reasons why there was hatred between the Jews and the Samaritans you may want to read this article. You may also want to communicate the story through one of the videos below:.

The Woman at the Well A story about the woman of Samaria. Text Version Afrikaans. I really want to win, and, besides, we have a great church and I know you'll like my teacher!

Kids will learn that God wants us to share Jesus with everybody. Everybody eats Cheerios. In fact, for many babies, it's one of the first solid foods they eat. Kids will learn that the good news of Jesus is for everyone.


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Woman at the Well Sunday School Lesson

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Take a look at our FREE Woman at the Well Sunday School Lesson! Just like Jesus, who shared the good.

Ни с чем подобным мы еще не сталкивались.  - Он замолчал, словно подбирая нужные слова.  - Этот шифр взломать невозможно. Сьюзан посмотрела на него и едва не рассмеялась. Невозможно.

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