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Why do guys look at me in the gym

The reasons why are actually simple so let's get right to it so you can get back to that hopefully cute guy who was checking you out and not saying a word. Many guys fear the approach as much or even more than speaking in public and if you know how scary that can be for people, that is a lot of fear. They think way too much about what to say and if they can not come up with something clever, they don't, won't or never will approach a woman. Some even think you're amazingly hot and can only think of telling you how beautiful they think you are.


9 Thoughts Guys Have While Struggling to Talk to Women at the Gym

Sure, they were trying to discourage cheating, but I was always nervous that someone was going to peek at my page and see that I had written down a hilariously incorrect answer. Yes, I have since learned that the Cold War had nothing to do with low temperatures. Remember Hardtail pants? But everyone has these, Mom!

From smarts to looks, we all worry about what we do and how we do it. Do people like me? Why have only four people liked my latest picture? The fitness world is no exception to this rule of self-consciousness. In fact, a fitness class is one of the toughest places to feel confident. Sometimes we fumble with a new weight-resistance machine, or accidentally end up in the front row of a cardio class.

And when that happens, we all worry that somewhere, somehow, someone is watching—and judging—us. The truth is, I am that person. I totally check people out all the time. That moment when you drop to your knees for the last few push-ups? Yep, I noticed. Yes, I do look over to see your form—but only to help me correct my own. For example, I used to think that achieving crow pose was a feat only for the superhuman i.

So if you feel like all eyes are on you as you topple over, know this: The people watching you are probably way more interested in themselves than in you.

At the end of the class, these side glances always result in the same takeaway: Fitness is a spectrum. In any given class, there are bound to be first-timers, pros, and everything in-between. And in any given class, I assume I fall right in the middle. My nosy behavior has paid off. I used to be a pretty inexperienced runner, someone who simply threw on some shoes and tried to move forward as quickly as possible, for as long as possible. That approach landed me in physical therapy with a sore knee.

When I started noticing other joggers, however, I saw their calm, strategic approach to the sport. They wore sensible shoes, not whatever looked best on Instagram. They only occasionally drank water, rather than carrying and chugging from a water bottle every quarter mile, like I did. They stayed upright, rather than leaning forward in hopes that gravity would somehow start moving horizontally and pull them forward. When I see myself in the mirror, thinking about how I wish my arms were thinner or my stomach was leaner, I am fully admiring every other person in the room with me.

I want your strong thighs. I want your grit. In my wandering eyes, the room is bursting with accomplishment and beauty. Now, are there people who do intend to be judgmental? You may remember way back in , when Playboy model Dani Mathers secretly Snapchatted a picture of a year-old woman in an L. Fitness locker room. Fitness promptly banned her for life. Mathers now faces charges for her invasion of privacy. The message is clear: That kind of judgment occasionally occurs, but it is entirely unacceptable.

The gym is a resource to help you feel good, however you define that. And if comparisons lead us to better ourselves, we should all be open to it. While I totally endorse using other class-goers as inspiration, remember that they all have their own standards of success and live within a different set of circumstances. So go ahead and take a look around—just not during sit-ups. Christie is a Seattle-based freelance writer with a deep interest in why we are the way we are, and how we can be a little bit better.

Follow her on Twitter ChristieBrydon and Instagram woweezow Share on Pinterest. When I started noticing other joggers, I saw their calm, strategic approach to the sport. Written by Christie Brydon on January 4, Types of Mental Health Professionals.

What men really think about women in the gym

Sure, they were trying to discourage cheating, but I was always nervous that someone was going to peek at my page and see that I had written down a hilariously incorrect answer. Yes, I have since learned that the Cold War had nothing to do with low temperatures. Remember Hardtail pants? But everyone has these, Mom!

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That being said, I am not discounting that men also harass non-binary people in fitness spaces. Recently I was chatting with my friend, Ally, and she told me a story about an exchange she had with a guy at the gym where she works out. She was doing squats in the squat rack, getting ready to do a warm-up set with 90 lbs on the bar. Ally assumed it must have been urgent, so she re-racked the barbell, took out her headphones and asked him what was up. As someone who has worked out in commercial gyms for over a decade, I have had my fair share of bad experiences with men at the gym, and I have heard plenty of stories from my friends.

An Open Letter to The Guys Who Stare at Women in the Gym

Home Recent Discussions Search. I have recently started lifting as part of a strength training programme and I am aware that when I am on my own, a lot of the guys in the weights area of the gym are checking out what I am doing. I have had this in more than one gym, but I don't get this when I am working out with my male PT. I have not been hastled by any of the guys in the weights area, but the staring does make me uncomfortable and has made me shy away from lifting in the past. I am no stunner and not lifting heavy, so I don't understand the staring. I did not post this as an opportunity to bash male lifters, I would just like to understand why they do it. April 7, PM 0. Ran into the same thing. So I asked one of the guys watching me.

10 Women Detail How They Were Mansplained at the Gym

However, if it makes you uncomfortable, stand-up for yourself-- let them know the glances are appreciated, but the creepy staring is def. To tell the truth, somtimes raw and natural beauty is more attractive than a girl who worked all morning to get ready. I guess I'm just more self-conscious b. I don't have make-up on and I'm in just plain workout gear.

By Radhika Sanghani.

The drunkest guy at the bar a la Will Ferrel in Old School. The friend who forgets to return borrowed money. Sex The worst post-sex pet peeves According to 18 remarkably candid women.

Why do guys stare at me at the gym?

Women, do you ever feel uncomfortable at the gym? If so, raise your hand. That woman I just described was me. Have you ever tried to wear over-sized clothes to the gym — baggy t-shirt, baggy shorts, baggy sweats — because you were just tired of the men staring at you while working you?

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: This Guy in the Gym Keeps Looking at You

And it will make you so. It all started during an experiment working out like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. I was sitting at the cable row machine, doing the final exercise of DJ's back workout-a grip-strength killer full of rows, cable pulls, and dumbbell shrugs. At this point, my grip strength was shot, so while I rested between my last two sets, I looked at my hands. An older gentleman working on the next machine over decides, at this moment, to say to me: "Yeah, those are calluses! I had headphones on with music full-blast.

5 Guidelines For Men To Follow At The Gym

Grab this free email course on how using tiny, daily habits can help you overcome emotional eating, have insane energy, and lose more weight. This is the guy that walks up to the weight rack, no matter how small or big he is, lifts the weights, and then you hear it:. From, The Oatmeal. You read somewhere on bodybuilding. As I guy I appreciate it — really I do — congrats on the effort. Sometimes — and this one really gets me — people will literally be on their phones having full conversations and chatting throughout the entire workout. Image credits. These kinds of singers tend to be irrationally confident and usually think they look cool — everyone else?

Jun 28, - So what are the guys at the gym thinking when they see you grab the and me in the free-weight area, I'll give her a wider berth than I would a dude, Man or woman, whatever, just don't sit and stare at your phone while I'm.

Gyms are pretty unique social spaces. In some ways, it's like a bar. You've got a lot of strangers all in one place and they're all there for drastically different reasons. But much unlike a bar, you're there to work out and not get hammered. Or maybe it's both, and you've just got a really great gym, who knows.

5 Guys Share What They Really Think When They See You In The Weight Room

On behalf of all women, we do not want your eyes following our every move. We are just here to workout , not be your piece of eye candy. Women do not want to be stared at.

The Real Reason Someone Is Staring at You at the Gym

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