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What does normal discharge look and smell like

It's nerve-wracking when you think something might be off when it comes to your vagina. BTW: Always check with your gyno when something doesn't look right. The most important thing to remember is that literally everyone with a vagina has discharge! It's totally normal.

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How to Decode Your Vaginal Discharge

It's nerve-wracking when you think something might be off when it comes to your vagina. BTW: Always check with your gyno when something doesn't look right. The most important thing to remember is that literally everyone with a vagina has discharge! It's totally normal. Dweck, a gynecologist in Westchester County, previously explained that you're probably going to notice it most during ovulation.

Clear, elastic mucous resembling raw egg whites is normal. Your discharge will look like this from the beginning of your cycle through ovulation—its stickiness helps draw sperm into your uterus. Again, this is totally healthy.

From the middle to the end of your cycle, discharge becomes creamier. If you're on the pill, you may see this type of discharge more frequently. Clumpy white discharge usually indicates a yeast infection. Since fungus likes warm, dark, moist environments, wearing cotton underwear and changing when you get too sweaty can help stave them off. If you're prone yeast infections, avoid wearing synthetic tights and leggings stick to cotton or wool blends instead , working out without showering after, and leaving a damp bathing suit on for hours.

Antibiotics are also a trigger because they kill off the good bacteria in your vagina that keeps yeast at bay. If you know you're prone to them, mention it to your doctor when they prescribe an antibiotic. Sometimes they'll also write you a prescription for an antifungal treatment as well. In terms of treatment, if you've had yeast infections in the past and are sure that's the culprit, it's fine to use an over-the-counter product, like Monistat. But if it's your first one, or your discharge looks different than it did during previous infections, see your MD.

If the bloody discharge is minimal and an isolated incident, don't worry about it; it's likely just menstrual spotting. If it's persistent, visit your gynecologist so she can talk to you about other birth control options, and also screen you for polyps, fibroids, cervical inflammation, and infection. If you're not on the pill, then a call to the doctor is also in order to test for the above conditions. In addition to the off-color, does your vgina also itch, hurt, or smell bad?

If so, contact your gyno. It could be gonorrhea , chlamydia , or a pelvic infection. If not, you're probably in the clear—still, if it looks quite different than usual, play it safe and book an appointment. And FYI, the color you see on your underwear is not necessarily the color of your discharge, because it gets oxidized and discolored by the air. If your undies look yellow but the discharge itself is clear or milky, don't freak out.

In addition to wacky-looking discharge, bacterial vaginosis can be accompanied by a fishy odor and burning sensation. It's a common, mild infection that's easily treated with a prescription cream or pill. Although it may be uncomfortable, you'll feel better within a couple of days. Heads up: Liquidy discharge might indicate a herpes infection, caused by open sores inside your vagina.

You might also feel vague discomfort, and notice more discharge than usual. Never hurts to call your doc. United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. With that said, here are some various types to look out for. Getty Images. It's Clear. It's Milky White. It's Cottage Cheese-y. If it's Bloody. Spotting between periods is very common, especially when you're on birth control.

It's Yellow and Puss-Like. It's Watery. This post was originally published in and has been updated. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses.

You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano. What's Up Down There?

Vaginal Discharge and Odor

Vaginal discharge? Find out what normal discharge looks like as well as potential infections and other problems. Cleveland Clinic is a non-profit academic medical center.

As women, we grow to learn what is normal and healthy for our bodies. The same is true when it comes to our natural feminine odor.

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How to Tell If Your Vaginal Discharge Is Normal

Vaginal discharge. No, really: "Vaginal discharge" is searched more than 50, times per month worldwide according to Buzz Sumo, a keyword search engine. Everyone is wondering about this, so don't worry. You're not alone. I had a friend just the other day ask me if having regular discharge was normal. She's in her mid-twenties, yet she still wasn't sure what was or was not normal for her own body. Isn't that all too relatable, though?

Vaginal discharge: what’s normal?

If you have a vagina , you've probably spent a decent amount of time wondering if what's coming out of it is normal. But bringing up your vaginal discharge and asking your friends if theirs looks and smells the same isn't typically accepted happy hour chitchat. Concern about discharge is "the number one reason why women go to the gyno," Michael Cackovic, M. When you're concerned about unexplained changes in your body, it's always a smart idea to check in with your doctor to find out what's up.

Regular vaginal discharge is a sign of a healthy female reproductive system. Normal vaginal discharge contains a mixture of cervical mucus, vaginal fluid, dead cells, and bacteria.

Vaginal discharge is fluid that contains a mix of vaginal secretions and cervical mucus. The amount of vaginal discharge produced varies from woman to woman but is often normal and healthy. Pregnancy, changing hormones, or the presence of an infection can also affect the consistency and amount of vaginal discharge.

Vaginal discharge

All women produce a small amount of vaginal discharge daily. It is not abnormal to have a small quantity of creamish or clearish vaginal discharge staining your underwear or your panty liners. This odour is unique for each woman.

As women, we all know that vaginal discharge is a fact of life, and we may not even think twice about it. But what is discharge, actually, and how can you tell what is normal, or what may be an indication of a problem? These glands produce small amounts of fluid also known as vaginal secretions. The fluid flows out of the vagina each day, cleansing old cells that have lined the vagina. Discharge varies from woman to woman. Some women have discharge every day, while others experience it less frequently.

How Your Vagina Is Supposed to Smell

Back to Health A to Z. Vaginal discharge is normal — most women and girls get it. It's a fluid or mucus that keeps the vagina clean and moist, and protects it from infection. The amount of discharge varies. You usually get heavier discharge during pregnancy, if you're sexually active or if you're using birth control. It's often slippery and wet for a few days between your periods when you ovulate.

It's normal and healthy to produce a clear or white discharge from your vagina. You should be aware of how your discharge naturally varies throughout your If your discharge is thin and watery, or thick and white (like cottage cheese), you If your vaginal discharge is grey or develops a strong fishy smell, particularly.

Burris describes vaginal discharge as fluid released by glands in the vagina and cervix. The fluid carries dead cells and bacteria out of the body, and vaginal discharge helps keep the vagina clean and prevent infection. Burris also says normal vaginal discharge varies in amount and ranges in color from clear to milky, white discharge.

Causes of heavy vaginal discharge

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Vaginal Discharge 101: What Every Woman Should Know

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I have been getting discharge for about 6 months now.

Skip to content. It's normal and healthy to produce a clear or white discharge from your vagina. This mucus is produced naturally from the neck of the womb, known as the cervix. The amount of vaginal discharge varies throughout your menstrual cycle brown discharge is usually the end of your period. Healthy discharge doesn't have a strong smell or colour.

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