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Prom hairstyles for black guys with long hair

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African Americans have naturally thick hair that can be quite difficult to manage and style when it is very long. These options are also what we now call protective hairstyles. So with that in mind, here are some very cool long hairstyles for black men that will surely inspire you! The first entry on our list of long hairstyles for black men is a very basic one. This is a curly and natural hair which you can just let grow out as much as you want. You will need to invest in some good hair products so that you can keep it healthy.

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Black Prom Hairstyles: 12 Easy Styles for Girls with Natural Hair

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Prop goes out to all the barbers out there who share their craft to inspire black guys with natural hair. Defined edges and a seamless shave put this look on the top of our must-try cuts. Kinky curls atop the crown add flare and sass for a striking look. Clean cuts flatter almost every face shape. With this hard part, a silhouette creates a nice fade and precision. The drop fade with the long surgical line on this cut makes it a masterpiece.

If you have long, natural hair and want to impress the ladies, try this side swept, disconnected undercut with super cool drop fade. Also, notice the unique disconnection between the sides and the beard.

It really makes this one of the most impressive cuts out there. See how the fade grows out from the ear? This short, clean line up haircut has a perfect temp fade into the beard that gives it a top-notch look. Classic high top. Like with all classic things, the look is well known, thus lacks the surprise factor.

Old school meets new school. This low top cut will never truly go out of style. A facelift here or there and age through age it will remain a head-turner. This clean modern cut uses the flat top technique and the freehand scissor fade cut to create a wearable look ideal for those with a soft bone structure. Just be sure to work with a pro barber who knows how to achieve this structured and balanced cut. Day one of the haircut is precise and clean. After shampooing and conditioning the hair, a natural oil-based product can be applied.

Using a foam sponge in a circular motion on the hair can create manicured curls that shine and texture this exact haircut.

It gives a man options. This look is how the hair blends into the skin perfectly with a smooth transition and a uniformed blend. This look is good for any client. It just depends on how much hair you want to leave on the top and how high or low you want your fade on the sides.

This fade is best on round heads. Skin fades are one of the hardest fades to do because you have to get a transition from the skin to the hair without leaving a hard line at the bottom. This is a perfect cut for someone who desires a longer wavelength on the top. The continual flow of the beard at a low length still provides a clean look. In order for the hair to lay smoothly, the client must receive a wash after pre-cutting.

Finishing the hair with a light oil will provide the client with a glossy finish without the product build-up. Its criss-cross pattern is symbolized as a movement of the culture of freedom and positive motivation! You cannot be indecisive. This haircut is a high top fade. My favorite thing about this haircut is the side line or side part.

I like using the Wahk Senior. For guards, I used 0. On top, I freehanded using an afro comb and scissors. Most clients with a round or oval face shape can wear this look well. The ideal hair type would be coarse and medium. This look is called a bald taper fade on wave length over curly textured hair.

Because it is a very simple haircut, it can be done very quickly which is good for productivity in the shop. For styling, I chose to go with a pomade to add shine to the hair and also lay the hair down. I recommend this hairstyle to a client with short over curly textured hair.

The style is great for professionals and clients who need a low maintenance style. This look is the braided man bun with a mid skin fade.

The best thing about this look is that it can be worn in a business or casual setting. This particular look is a high bald taper with a faded beard line up and curls on top. This a pretty common haircut, except for the faded out beard. Fading out the beard is a fairly new trend that has been become more popular in the last couple years. It gives the client a little more detailed and clean look to their beard.

Instead of just shaping the hair out, now you can add a finished curled look to the top of clients with coarse hair. There are a lot of different products you can use throughout the service of this haircut, as well as products you can use to finish and style the client.

I recommend shaving gel to detail the beard and beard oil to finish the detailed beard. You can also use hairspray to lock in the curls on top after curling it, and of course aftershave and maybe oil sheen if you want to give the client a shiny look. Also, take note if the client has gray hairs so you can use a semi-permanent dye or an enhancement to get rid of the gray. This short buzz cut with a line up is a very classy look for the professional and businessman.

This look is a skin fade blended into a 1. I usually just use a lining spritz for the shapeup. Clippers and a razor will do the rest. What I like so much about a skin fade is that anyone can pull it off. You can have long hair on the top and skin fade it, or you could have a buzz cut. It works either way! These things would be much more exposed to this cut. What I love about this cut is that its low maintenance.

It is also a great summer cut for those on the go. The overall style can be maintained at home, although you should seek professional advice for shave techniques and growth patterns.

For the beard, a beard pick and an all-natural beard balm should be used to promote growth and add moisture to the skin underneath. This stylish look is great for the distinguished gentleman or a man that is naturally thinning in the crown area.

This uniform layered cut is one of the most common haircuts for men today. It is ideal for most face shapes and hair textures. This look is also versatile as it can work in a business or casual setting. My favorite thing about this look has to be that it is very low maintenance. As stated previously, this look is ideal for most facial shapes and hair textures.

This particular look works best for anyone simply because of its versatility and durability. I would describe this look as an urban, sporty, athletic, classy and natural look! The thing I love the most about this look would be how the waves come together so uniformly and the best this is that they are natural.

Hardly any product was used! You will need to do this repeatedly, over and over again until you reach the desired amount of waves. Note that natural waves will not come in one day. Getting waves is a process and requires a few days of brushing.

I would recommend this style to anyone who wants a short and sharp look! It works best for clients with coarse or ethnic hair which will wave up faster than fine smooth hair.

The unique designs on the side combined with the yellow tips on these twists make this one of the baddest and boldest looks right now. The one thing that I really enjoy doing is geometric designs that are simple and bold. If you go too small and intricate it will only last a few days at most, but if you go bolder you will have a lot of contrast between the skin and the design it will stay a lot longer. The product that I typically use on hair designs is Kiss Express.

It is a semi-permanent color that just makes the darker areas of the design really pop. I would describe this haircut as a low fade with a part.

My favorite part about this haircut is the part with the fade, which makes the haircut pop out even more. The edge also brings out the haircut. The product I use for this haircut is called Spritz. It freezes the hair in place and makes the edge more precise. I also use oil sheen which leaves the hair shiny and silky smooth. By Length Short Medium Long. Cindy has over 15 years of experience as a hair stylist and colorist in Las Vegas, NV.

She started this website in and has influenced over million people. She's personally interviewed over 5, hair stylists, colorists and barbers about their work. Her work has been featured in major beauty magazines and online publications.

All the Best Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair

There are so many options for these fresh styles from close cropped waves to natural twists to geometric flat tops with retro flair. Most of these styles are a combination of texture on top, a line up and taper fade. Create your own unique style by choosing length on top, type of curls and the placement of the fade.

Prop goes out to all the barbers out there who share their craft to inspire black guys with natural hair. Defined edges and a seamless shave put this look on the top of our must-try cuts.

Speaking of long hairstyles for African American men , the first thing that comes to mind is braids, but not only. Shoulder-length natural curls are a classic Afro look. Most men wear them centre-parted, opening the forehead, or in a sort of swept to one side style if texture allows. Younger guys can try A-line styles with free coils falling on the forehead and cheeks.

26 Freshest Haircuts for Black Men

In any case this will give you a damn good idea of what you can do with that head of lettuce. One of the coolest things about long hair is all the different styles you can try, but how do you do it? Most women grow up learning about hair, talking about it, dealing with it, braiding, brushing and styling it, using products, etc. Even so, long hair is a craft, a skill that can be mastered. So check out this guide and try these long hairstyles for men. The only way to let it all hang out, and unapologetically let the long hair flag fly. But it can be a pain in the ass, and tangled, roughed up and raggedy is no way to go through life. You want to wear your hair down like a boss. A collection of photos showing different long hairstyles for men. Athletes must find a way to deal with our manly locks in various endeavors.

55 Awesome Hairstyles for Black Men (+Video)

Men used to get a bad rap for having long hair. So, what are the updos for men? Men can pretty much rock the same updo styles as women, but the most popular updos for men include man braids, dreadlocks, top knots, man buns, and ponytails. Updos are the perfect everyday style for men as they are a great way to keep your hair out of your face and off your back and neck. They are perfect for hot summer days and windy or rainy weather.

Long hair is perfect for many different kinds of look: prom updos are always popular for a mature and coiffed effect, while many long prom hairstyles are worn with soft waves and curls hanging loosely down the back. Give your look a new dimension with one of these high impact styles.

December 10, By Jeffery R. Hamilton Leave a Comment. One of the advantages of having afro-textured hair is that you have tons of hairstyles for black men to choose from.

Top 51 Hairstyles For Black Men

Getting the best black men haircuts can be tricky. From short buzz cuts and waves to box and Afro fades to curls and twists , haircut styles for black men have never been so fresh and trendy. Black guys can even create their own unique cuts and styles by combining a taper fade and design on the sides, a shape up at the hairline, and a textured top.

We have faith that you can totally handle this on your own! Attend your special night with a nice elegant bun. Use a fine-toothed comb to ensure bump-free hair. Elegant and simple bun hairstyles are fun, but croissant buns are even better. Curly hairstyles work for any occasion.

22 Haircuts for Black Men

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