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Professional styles for long natural hair

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Trying to style your long locks can get a little frustrating, especially when you want a cute-yet-professional style for work. On the flip side, having an office-approved style can also be tricky when you want to be unique and creative with your look. Check out some of our top picks for professional hairstyles for long hair that will definitely make you the trendsetter of the year at your job. Give your hair a fresh pop of color with some classic highlights.

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24 Protective Styles Perfect When Transitioning To Natural Hair

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Probably the biggest myth out there when it comes to natural hair? In reality, there are tons of different hairstyles you can wear on short natural hair that allow you to switch up your style every single day. Believe it or not I prefer to not wear much makeup. As long as my brows are on 10 and my skin is glowing we are good to go.

Down to really go all out and try a super-short look on your natural hair? Go with a buzz cut. Let your curls live their best life with these soft waves. Just work a lightweight oil through your hair to help lock in moisture and add nongreasy shine. Yara Shahidi has been known to rock some major short natural hairstyles, and this curly bob is one of my personal faves.

What dya think? Slick an edge-control gel along the sides of your head to make sure your look stays sleek. Hope your New Year has started out well! Feel free to check it out. Links in bio! These two puffs are a simple short natural hairstyle that will never look outdated. Grab a rattail comb and some gel to help secure the look. There is a space in the morning in between sleep and waking up. We like this space. It is very magical. Thoughts seem to flow freely and the days activities feel already done.

We visit this space quite often. It is our oasis. Head Wrap: Noire Beauty: saltykitty photo by jesusxvix. This head wrap is the easiest accessory to wear with a short natural hairstyle.

Pro tip for laying your edges: Brush your baby hairs forward, then add some gel onto a toothbrush , directing your edges toward your hairline in whatever shape you want. Your texture is enough.. Quickly into my journey I realized that was not my situation! It took some time but I started to love and embrace my natural texture. My texture is enough and it is beautiful.

Zoom in and check out all the kinks and curls. Wearing your short natural hair in a wash-and-go style saves you major time in the a. Flipping your hair into a deep side part gives short natural hair tons of volume. Always spritz on a leave-in conditioner mist before you start styling to add a boost of hydration to your hair. For 2.

Products used: curlychichaircare. It blends your relaxed ends with your natural texture. One of you guys asked me recently how I stay motivated, and I'll share my answer in tomorrow's video, but I'd like to throw the question to you guys: how do you stay motivated esp when it comes to your career?

How do you keep going even when you can't directly see the fruits of your hardwork? This short natural hairstyle gives you major flexibility when it comes to styling your hair since the sides and back of the hair are usually cut shorter than the middle.

If you really want to make your curls pop, add in a curl styler for definition and hold. Protective Styles or Fro Out this summer? This is the twistout from my last tutorial check previous post and this makeup look will be posted soon.

Palette is colouredraine queen of hearts. Let me know how you are rocking your hair so far this summer below. I hope your enjoying the sun beauty! Just rake curl cream through your wet hair, section by section, and create two-strand twists. Wait until your hair is completely dry before you take out the twists. Link is in my bio. A geometric shape makes short natural hair look so effing cool. We rise by lifting others.

Hair crush Wednesday. Why we love 4c. Not into the idea of a buzz cut but still want to keep your hair pretty short? Just make sure to keep your hair hydrated—a deep conditioning treatment once or twice a week will do the job.

Sometimes I start thinking about cutting my hair and akunnaezekwem is intensifying the feeling with this. Instead of just shaving the sides of your hair, take your frohawk to new heights by having your stylist cut a cool design on your short natural hair. For everyday wear, work a curl-defining cream through your strands to make your frohawk really pop. Braided updo for short hair naturalhairstyles naturalhair blackbeauties 4cbabydontcare 4chair monab eyesonmyprize naturalnigerian naturalnigerianhair.

This braided look is proof that you can one hundred percent do fun updos on short natural hair. To make your braids and curls look super shiny, mist on a smoothing serum for extra moisture. Finger waves are a cute and super-easy short natural hairstyle to try.

Using a comb, styling mousse , and some gel, simply swipe your comb in an S shape to create waves. Happy Sunday you guys! Comment one word that described your weekend in a nutshell. A slick low pony should def be added to the short natural hairstyles rotation. To make sure your hair stays sleek, hit it with a conditioning heat-protectant spray to reduce frizz and flyaways.

This low-maintenance short natural hairstyle requires only a headband. Brush your hair up, slide a headband up to form a ponytail, then fluff your hair for some added volume. A post shared by melaninconnect melaninconnect on Aug 8, at pm PDT.

Divide your hair into small sections, then twist each section to form a little knot. Finish with holding spray to set the look. United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. View this post on Instagram. Ama Kwarteng Ama Kwarteng is the Beauty Assistant at Cosmopolitan, covering all things hair, skin, makeup, for both print and digital.

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Our Favorite Curly Hairstyles

For women with afro-textured hair, natural curls are a blessing but also a responsibility. African-American women are blessed with thick dense hair that can be skillfully shaped into breathtaking hairstyles. However, natural afro hair needs extra care. In the world of natural hair, rocking protective styles has become an added bonus of having more better options for concealing hair on a multitude of levels.

Today I would like to ask, well, everyone to stop saying "it's just hair" when it relates to black identities. It's not "just hair" when the federal court once ruled it legal for employers to ban dreadlocks.

Natural hairstyles for work are a controversial subject. Some people argue that African-American women are born with curly hair, and natural hair cannot be determined to be professional. Black women have defended their texture and length for decades. Corporations and the military have been under scrutiny about regulations in the workplace concerning natural hair, braids , and locks.

7 Best Protective Hairstyles That Actually Protect Natural Hair for Black Women

After all, the interviewer is going to notice everything about your appearance, including your hair, makeup, and attire. For example, if your makeup is a little edgy, opt for a more toned down hairstyle. Be mindful of your final look, which should be tasteful, professional, and polished. That way, the focus will be on you, and not how you styled your hair. Is a ponytail formal enough for a job interview? It can be, if you choose a polished look. Opt for sleek styling, using an anti-frizz product or styling cream to tame flyaways. For an elegant touch, pull a piece of hair from the bottom of your ponytail and wrap it around to conceal your hair tie, securing it with a bobby pin.

60 Easy and Showy Protective Hairstyles for Natural Hair

This topknot lets your springy curls add some major personality to your easiest updo yet. Traceless hair rings, like these , help keep the bun secure, yet messy. Let some tendrils tumble out to complete the look. This style involves French braiding both sides over a pulled-back secured low mohawk-style ponytail, then wrapping it under and securing for the finished cinched look.

How much time daily would you like to spend on your hair styling? Well, African-American women are blessed with thick dense hair that can be skillfully shaped into breathtaking hairstyles.

While the natural hair movement is gaining popularity, many women of color are just at the start of the journey to their inborn texture. And we are ready to assist the beginners through all these steps, as well as to give an idea of trending hairstyles to hot-shots. Tastes differ, and this proverbial wisdom is very much applicable to lengths of black hairstyles.

Natural Hairstyles for the Workplace

Skip navigation! Story from Beauty. Out goes your lazy-day routine and in come the new styles and methods required as new growth replaces straight strands. But just because handling multiple textures at once might mean more time each morning, it doesn't mean you're boxed in when it comes to styles.

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The truth is that for many black and brown women, maintaining our natural hair on our own is a new venture. It's a process that calls for lots of trial and error and lots of time that many of us just couldn't find in our schedules—until now. Burden of choice is real, and now more than ever, we're seeing so many depictions of all the fun styles we can create with our hair. It's exciting, for sure. So before you reach for the perm rods you've used every wash day for the last couple of months, check out 18 of the most gorgeous natural hairstyles, suitable for all kinds of curls and coils.

25 Professional Hairstyles For Women with Long Hair

Embracing your natural texture can feel like an uphill battle sometimes, but next time you're stuck trying to think up new styling ideas for your natural hair, try one of these stunning looks. Whether you have very short hair , medium hair, long hair, braids of any length , bangs , or are thinking about switching it up, these on-trend new styles , from ponytails to buns, knots, twists, and beyond, offer up all the hair inspiration you need. As these celebrities demonstrate, there are countless ways to embrace or enhance your natural texture and express your personal style, whether you're looking for a look that's polished, bold, or something in between — no matter what length you start with. There are few people as glam as actress Regina King, so it's no surprise that she had an amazing partial updo at the Emmys. Her super-long braid was amped up with a ballerina half-bun on top. Actress Teyonah Parris made a statement at the Toronto Film Festival with her dramatic braided top knot.

Mar 2, - For women with afro-textured hair, natural curls are a blessing but also a responsibility. African-American women are blessed with thick dense.

So before you decide that your workplace is no place for your hair, convince yourself otherwise and try out any of these 25 gorgeous styles for natural hair! Photo courtesy of usmagazine. Photo courtesy of naturalhaireverything. Photo courtesy of hi-imcurrentlyobsessed.

45 Most Instagrammable Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

For women with afro-textured hair, natural curls are a blessing but also a responsibility. In comparison to straight or wavy hair textures , natural afro hair needs some extra TLC to flourish. See 50 protective natural hairstyles for natural hair below!

25 Professional Natural Hair Styles for the Workplace

Probably the biggest myth out there when it comes to natural hair? In reality, there are tons of different hairstyles you can wear on short natural hair that allow you to switch up your style every single day. Believe it or not I prefer to not wear much makeup. As long as my brows are on 10 and my skin is glowing we are good to go.

If you have natural hair that is medium-length, you probably do not realize how lucky you are.

You know, cute hair gives a sense of confidence at work. Tired of always fixing your hair up in a quick bun? Or just looking for a variety of ways to style your natural hair? All it takes is finding the perfect style that fits you. Actually, all the styles will fit you.

30 Best Natural Hairstyles to Rock Right Now

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20 Short Natural Hairstyles That’ll Make You Want to Chop Your Hair ASAP

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