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My boyfriend has a female friend staying with him

Remember Me? Buzz Articles Advanced Search. Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Boyfriend Having Female Friend Spend the Night I'm in a somewhat new relationship with a man who I have been dating for a couple of months. While it's rather new, we have both established that we want to be exclusive and not see other people. This weekend he's going to an event that he signed up for before we even met that lasts for four days.

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Hi guys. I'm new here Lately, I've been stressed by a new addition in my boyfriend's life: his female friend from work. He and I are in our 20s and have been together for two years. We've had a solid and happy relationship until this point And I feel that my boyfriend should be more alert to the red flags that I'm seeing from her. Henceforth I will call this girl "Lacey" and I'll call my boyfriend "Joe. Besides those scary facts, this is my biggest problem with her: She seems clueless about proper behavior when being friends with a man in a relationship.

Here are some examples:. Then I started realizing she had no interest in being friends with me. Also, she would only text him, not me. I found it very rude and started not wanting to hang out with her. I got tired at midnight and went to bed. Instead of leaving soon after which seems proper to me , she stayed and talked with Joe until after am. Once, they were out for about 6 hours.

I ended up going to bed by myself. My boyfriend insisted that it was fine and normal. I feel it wasn't right. I didn't like the vibe I got from that. He said I was uglyyyy," she said while laughing. I just sat there like, Really? You think I wanna hear about what you two banter about? Joe insists that he knows what flirtation is, and doesn't flirt with her. Now she has a lunch shift that coincides with Joe's.

They've gotten lunch together a few times now. And she has posted two Instagram photos of them at lunch together. She likes referring to him as her BFF "best friend forever". In the second photo, she was pressed against his side with her hand wrapped around his upper arm. It was a pose that could be construed as either innocent or a bit too cozy.

So that's it in a nutshell. I keep trying to avoid blaming Joe for condoning and going along with her questionable behavior especially those dinners they used to get. He also thinks I'm judging her too harshly and reading too far into her behavior. And I think he's egging her on by condoning questionable behavior: letting her take pictures of them together, buying her a funny shirt, texting her regularly, etc. I just don't know how to feel about this, guys. I hope you can tell me your thoughts about this.

I know that asking him to end their friendship is out of the question. That's not my job as his girlfriend. But am I crazy for thinking she's behaving inappropriately? Or is he behaving inappropriately too? Am I crazy for thinking he shouldn't be hanging around with a woman who cheats shamelessly? Am I crazy for thinking that spending evenings alone with her is inappropriate from now on, now that they have the opportunity to get lunch together?

I would really appreciate any advice or thoughts you guys have on my situation. It's so hard feeling so alone. Click to choose posts category Show expert posts Show community posts. Ask the community. He's nonjudgmental a little too much, in my opinion He's extremely loyal and respectful towards women. He's a clear and honest communicator. My happiness is one of his greatest priorities, but he won't compromise his values or beliefs to please me.

He gets sad about the fact that he has very few friends. He doesn't want to lose Lacey's friendship. Here's the facts about me: I'm pretty smart and diplomatic. I'm a pretty good judge of character and strongly dislike unethical people.

I'm not a jealous person and know that I can't change someone or dictate how to live their life. If there is a conflict, I always scrutinize my feelings and perspective before the other person's. Here's the facts on Lacey: She's in her mid-twenties and is single. She comes across as attractive and normal She got pregnant as a teenager and has two kids by two men. She was married to Dad 2 until he cheated.

Then she started cheating WITH him on his currently-pregnant girlfriend. She felt zero guilt about this. Now Dad 1 has temporarily moved into her apartment with his new girlfriend. Lacey is now cheating with him instead. Again, she feels no guilt for doing this. Here are some examples: - When Joe and I first started hanging out with her, we'd go out every weekend.

Dealing with jealousy when it first starts. Article jealousy, YPc. If trust was broken by a previous partner. Article breakups, trust, YPc. Ask the community someone else, flirting.

My wife recently took a new job. I will start off by saying she is very honest, loyal and has a history of being good friends with other men as well as women. I have never doubted her loyalty to me and continue to believe that she will be faithful.

In addition, to be fair, I can be jealous at times she never gets jealous and have had moments of making something out of nothing on occasion.

In her new job, she immediately became friends with a male co-worker who I know is mids she is She insists it's nothing more than a friendship and that is her intention which is all that matters. They did end up out together one night for drinks after a few co-workers left and then a few days later he bought her an expensive bottle of wine which she told me about. I attempted to blow this off trusting my wife.

The issue came up when I discovered texts from this man over the course of an evening until after midnight, including songs and videos he was sending her and a minute phone conversation while I was out that evening. I then looked at her computer I know I shouldn't have and found that they were instant messaging each other all day at work. Nothing inappropriate but it wasn't all focused on work either. I confronted her after seeing this occur over several weeks - she insisted nothing was going on, he apologized the day after he texted and called her at night and that she had no bad intentions.

Since then I assume they instant message each other during work and recently was at home and saw him text her at 10pm. I asked why he was texting her and she got pissed saying i didn't trust her.

I trust my wife but I don't trust this other individual that I know sits next to her and works with her every day. She asked me what I want her to do - the problem is I want her to figure it out herself that she shouldn't respond to him after a certain time period.

Am I wrong? I hate fighting with my wife and we see this very differently but I don't think I am wrong. User article trust, someone else. I am so in love. I love him with all of my heart. He is perfect. He makes me feel perfect and special. He always knows how to make me feel better. But we are getting older now, and I just feel like I sometimes am in a different stage in my life.

I sometimes feel more mature. He is going to be the same. He is going to still be this amazing and wonderful person but he has no head on his shoulders. He has a dream but is afraid to go for it. Or at least that's what it seems like.

My boyfriend had his female friend sleep over his house?

Hi guys. I'm new here Lately, I've been stressed by a new addition in my boyfriend's life: his female friend from work. He and I are in our 20s and have been together for two years.

Being with a guy who has close female friends can get really tricky. I want them to know that me putting up boundaries has nothing to do with them. These friends were obviously in his life before I came along and I respect that.

My boyfriend insists on staying friends with a girl with whom he is attracted to, and who has point blank invited him to have sex with her. Am I being irrational? My boyfriend and I met, sparks flew, and things got serious very fast. He spent a lot of time with me and invited me to practically everything he did, including dinner with a female friend of his who lives across the country and was visiting. Since I completely trusted him, I declined because I was tired.

How Can I Tell If My Boyfriend Is Really Just Friends With Her?

Enjoying your new role as teacher?! But you're having a baby together Look, ultimately if you're not happy with your OH and his friend spending the night together, possibly in the same bed, then you'll have to tell him. If she did stay the night with him, would you always be wondering if anything happened? It could eat away at your relationship, especially if them spending the night together becomes a regular occurence! Close menu. Am I pregnant? Toddlers years Tween and teens.

Boyfriend having a female friend staying at his place.

Should we share our discomfort with our man? Rebecca is in a similar situation. They have known each other for over 10 years now, and he spends so much money on her. And each time I bring this up, we fight.

I have a questiom about opposite sex friends.

Even the most stable and healthy relationships can be rocked to their cores when one partner has a close friendship with a member of the opposite sex. If your boyfriend has a female friend you may wonder if he is cheating on you. You may also experience feelings of jealousy about the time he spends with her.

(Closed) Relationship boundries with friends of opposite sex?

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I later found out he lied. Maybe you need to find a better boyfriend. You picked up a questionable apple where other women probably wouldn't have bothered. Relationships shouldn't be annoying or frustrating. You could do a lot better. I don't talk to her for the simple fact she was telling my boyfriend what I should and shouldn't be writting on my Facebook.

Remember Me? Buzz Articles Advanced Search. Forum Relationships Relationship Advice my boyfriend's friend is staying at his house and she's a girl. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: my boyfriend's friend is staying at his house and she's a girl. At first i was like okay, that's fine.

He has a large 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment. I found out the morning of (he asked her a day or two beforehand) when I asked him what his plans were for the.

Some forums can only be seen by registered members. Question: You are in a committed relationship. A female friend of your boyfriend whom he has known for 20 years asks him to spend the night at her place because she wants him to hang some stuff from her ceiling. She wants to cook dinner for him, watch a movie or a tv show with him, have him hang some stuff from her ceiling, have him sleep on her couch while she sleeps in her bedroom, and then go out for breakfast in the morning. She is aware that he is involved in a committed relationship.

Thanks in advance for reading. My bf together almost 2 yrs has long time female friend who recently had a falling out with her bf where she had to move out suddenly and called on my man for help. We were at dinner one evening when he received the call that she needed a place to crash for a few days.

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