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How to find a midwife in germany

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Midwifery in Germany differs in many details from the situation as it is in the United States. Sure, on both sides of the ocean mothers and fathers wish nothing but the best for the newborn life, but the way to achieve this may be somewhat different. This article focuses on midwife education in Germany pointing out the importance of freelancers in this area. Midwifery in Germany is a health care profession which takes care of women in pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum. There are circa 18, midwives in Germany who have passed their exam at one of the total of 58 schools of midwifery existing here.

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Finding a Hebamme in Germany

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Living abroad has thrown me a lot of curve balls, and never more so than when I navigated my first pregnancy in Germany. As in… I am having another baby in Germany! We are now 5 months in and even though I helped compile a full guide for other foreigners pregnant in Germany , I still have a lot to figure out. For example, last time I was a freelancer and taking time off was as simple.

This time I work part-time in an office in Berlin and I need to navigate Elternzeit and how to eventually return to work while coordinating with KiTa. More pressing than work concerns, there is a typical part of pregnancy in Germany I bypassed last time around.

Hebammen are midwives and rather than being a new age-y alternative for childbirth , they are an expected part of having a baby in Germany. They help families handle the transition of having a baby in the home and address issues surrounding breastfeeding, baby-proofing, and more.

For my first pregnancy I was on private insurance. This has a reputation of being quite luxurious, but mine was bare bones. This time, I am on public insurance and ready to find my own personal expert. That proved harder than expected…. I had heard rumors that the baby boom in Berlin had gotten even crazier than when I had my daughter in Dire reports of not being able to pre-register at the hospital, families desperately searching for KiTa spots, and — yes- the endless search for a Hebamme have all reached my ears.

Without previous experience, I was starting from scratch. While there is no set time you need to look for a Hebamme by, the earlier the better as many people have trouble finding someone with availability. Particularly vulnerable are people who have special requests, like specific languages, or are looking during months people tend to be away like over Christmas or summer holidays. If you want a Beleghebamme , a midwife who will attend the birth, it is even more difficult. I started with the Berlin-based website of berliner-hebammenverband.

If you are not in Berlin, the hebammensuche. Here you can helpfully filter Hebammen by area, language, and services. I looked in the Kiez neighborhoods closest to me and picked Hebammen who listed English as one if their languages. While I was just fine giving birth in a German-speaking hospital, I would really like the person attending to my before and after care and answering any panicky questions to be able to work with me in English.

I further limited my search by starting with Hebammen who listed an e-mail — my preferred method of contact… if not for the Germans. I sent 27 e-mails and refusals started to trickle in. I got some auto-responses straight away noting they were on vacation, or on their own parental leave. Most simply did not respond. One kindly pointed out the facebook group I had planned to use as a back-up: Hebammenvermittlung Berlin.

I studied some of the previous posts and crafted my own:. Wir bekommen im Mai unser zweites Kind. Wir kommen aus den USA und wohnen seit in Berlin. Ich habe TK versicherung. Unsere Tochter ist November geboren. Wir hatten eine problemlose Schwangerschaft, eine tolle Geburt und Stillzeit. Neu Baby kommt auf den In about a day, I got one answer. I eagerly messaged back…and waited and waited.

Despondent, I started contemplating my other options again. And then she responded! I might have found someone. We have set a date to meet in the new year. Other avenues to search for a Hebamme are by word-of-mouth, social media and Krankenhaus hospitals and Geburtshaus birthing clinics commonly offer a list. Along with Hebammen being hard to find, this is a close relationship where it is important you actually get along with your midwife.

They often join in on check-ups after week 35 and handle you and your baby intimately. It is vital to have a preliminary meeting so you can determine what is important to both of you, and make sure your expectations match. Germans rarely have an issue offering their opinion, so be direct and find out what you need to know.

Look for my update in the coming weeks as I continue with this process. Press your thumbs for me — I might need it. Motherlord of an American expat family in Berlin. I hail from rainy but lovely! Drink, travel, write. View all posts by Erin "ebe" Porter.

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Where can I find a midwife?

RSS Feed. Berlin for all the Family. During pregnancy there are a lot of important decisions to be made and one of the confusing ones can be choosing a midwife Hebamme. Back when I was pregnant with my first son, I was told so many stories by so many mums about when I should and shouldn't find a midwife, what the different types of midwives do and it all got a bit jumbled.

The services provided are confirmed by the woman receiving the services and the midwife is paid directly by the respective health insurance company. Privately-insured patients receive an invoice that they submit to their insurance company. Please check with your private health insurance company to find out the extent of the services that they will cover.

Here in Germany every pregnant person is entitled to before and after care by a midwife through the German health insurance system. Like a doula, this care is not mandatory for your birth experience but it can be an incredible form of support during an important moment in your life. Due to the midwife shortage and the baby boom currently happening, registering with a midwife can be a big stress for new parents so here are my list of tips to try and secure your estimated due date with a midwife of your choice. If none of these options are successful for you, get in touch with your doula and ask about which other ways you can tighten your community, have resources in place, and prepare for your birth and fourth trimester. Your email address will not be published.

Midwifery in Germany

Business and Services Directory. You'd think that something as basic as childbirth would be the same everywhere, right? Well, not quite. Here's what to expect in Germany. If you are going to have a baby in Germany, congratulations! Although medical systems are quite different, the level of care is the same with all of the same diagnostic testing available. Many doctors speak English, though not all the staff at the hospitals do e. In order to limit the number of unnecessary surprises before having your child, you might like to get a little extra background on the German system, terminology, etc.

Having a Baby in Germany

Living abroad has thrown me a lot of curve balls, and never more so than when I navigated my first pregnancy in Germany. As in… I am having another baby in Germany! We are now 5 months in and even though I helped compile a full guide for other foreigners pregnant in Germany , I still have a lot to figure out. For example, last time I was a freelancer and taking time off was as simple. This time I work part-time in an office in Berlin and I need to navigate Elternzeit and how to eventually return to work while coordinating with KiTa.

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Unfortunately, it is incredibly difficult to find a midwife for you and your baby, especially in urban areas. Hundreds of registered midwives across Germany.

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