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Having a baby as a single woman uk

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We have a wide selection of donors available for use right now in donor insemination and IVF treatment for single women. Complete Fertility works in partnership with single women to develop a personal plan, using programmes based on the latest research, and individually tailor your treatment schedules to give you the very best chance of having a baby. Located at University Hospital Southampton, our modern centre brings together experts in fertility medicine and innovative facilities and laboratories, providing first-class care, and a complete approach, throughout your journey into parenthood. From my very first contact I have felt comfortable, the prices are competitive, the facilities are second to none, and everyone I have had contact with has been friendly and knowledgeable. Production of eggs may be helped by the use of fertility drugs.

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Meet The Women Having Kids On Their Own – With The Help Of Sperm Donors

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Some are taking matters into their own hands. With big leaps forward in donor conception and the process of adoption broadening its horizons, there are a plethora of choices for women who, for whatever reason, have decided to become single parents. They prove that, with the necessary support, being a single mother by choice can be not only manageable but a dream come true. I realised I had been disillusioned - sadly we were finished long before, but I was in denial because I wanted to have children.

I did six months of soul-searching and research before finally deciding to take the leap of faith. I went through a phase of feeling a sense of loss because I was giving up on finding a man to have children with.

I had a few moments of self-doubt but overall, I felt excited about what I was embarking on. The more I found out about it, the more right it felt. Choosing a donor was tough to begin with. But I wasn't looking for a partner who had to live up to certain criteria, I was simply looking for sperm. I am lucky because since having the boys, I've read the donor's pen sketch and he said he would indeed like to meet any children conceived with his sperm. I was inseminated three times via artificial insemination , not IVF.

The first time I miscarried at five weeks, the second time was a chemical pregnancy and the third time I conceived twins! The time from when I decided I wanted to be a single mum to the successful conception was 18 months, including a period of research.

The first few months after my boys were born were intense. I'm lucky to have healthy and good-natured babies which makes things easier. Having surprise twins is certainly hard work but I know no different and I get double the joy!

The Donor Conception Network advises on this. It hasn't changed the way I think about romantic relationships, I still want one and intend to find one! My friends and peers were wholly supportive about my decision to become a single mum.

It is surprising how many people know someone who has done the same. When I made my decision, I faced scepticism, some negativity and shock from the older generation but I was prepared for that. I think the future is positive. Why not? There are many different family set-ups these days. Love is the most important thing. How I did it: I chose to adopt via a local authority. Conceiving a child proved impossible in my marriage and a subsequent long-term relationship years later.

I decided that finding Mr Right in order to have a family was just too hard, and that I alone was enough for a child. Finding a local authority that I clicked with proved hard. The process is very dated with knock-you-down type of approach. If you still come up for air, then you are serious. I looked at a magazine called Children Who Wait and approached a local authority about particular children in there.

There are local open evenings to gain a closer understanding of the whole process, but sometimes you can wait months for one of these to come about. Don't be afraid to contact local authorities outside of your area - often placements are made not locally anyway so that you and your child have no chance of bumping into any birth family.

But I felt I wanted to deal directly with the social workers who knew the children. I felt amazing becoming a mum. It is everything I always wanted, and is equally exhilarating and exhausting. I think it is hard to get a break when you are on your own. K really wants a sibling so hopefully we can make this happen in the future. But I didn't date whilst going through the process as I didn't want to meet someone, and it throw the spanner in the works. Certain people weren't that supportive but I think that is only because they can't imagine doing it themselves.

Good friends and certain people who have experienced adoption themselves in some form have been amazing. The whole process can move very quickly once you are approved. My work were supportive in my reducing my hours when I returned from adoption leave, which was a relief.

Some things have got to give and striving for perfection is impossible. Ask for help and take shortcuts with chores. We can't fit in the traditional homemaker and working woman in one, there are not enough hours in the day. What we can all learn from our children is to live in the moment and enjoy the simple things - they are the most important things anyway.

I didn't want to get to my 70's and my only regret to be that I hadn't had a family. He has filled my world to overflowing. K said to me only yesterday: "Mummy I have a lovely life I resolved to give IVF one go and then get on with my life. I made contact with them and found them really supportive. They worked with my clinic to make all the necessary arrangements.

Choosing a sperm donor is like internet dating but without the pictures. If I had not required IVF, I would have gone down the informal route and asked people if they would donate turkey-basting style. What is harder for me is not getting a break in the evening or at weekends that someone in a relationship would. But I think this is the same for any parent of multiples. Some people also questioned whether I could afford to do this, and my finances are very tight. My parents have been amazing and it is them that I turn to for support.

I will see them several time each week where I can hand over the girls and be fed. I was never concerned that the girls would not have a father. As a role model for them, I have not settled or compromised and the environment that I will bring them up will hopefully remain stable. I have been very open about the fact I used donor sperm. When I first told my parents what I was planning to do, they reacted with shock. My mum's first comment to me was, "What do you think you are doing? You can barely look after yourself, how do you expect to look after a child on your own?

By the time I was in the second half of my pregnancy they were fully supportive; mum was coming to appointments with me, dad was painting the nursery, and so on.

Now the girls are here, I cannot find two more dotting and proud grand parents. In the office, I did not go into detail about my IVF. This did result in a lot of gossiping and one poor chap had his name banded about as the potential father. Once I realised what was going on, I was a bit more open. The eggs can stay frozen for 10 years, so it would have taken the pressure off me both for my career and relationships. It is absolutely vital to have a support network to become and be a single mum.

Deciding to do this is a journey and different people will have a greater and lesser role at different stages of your journey. Once I returned to work, I decided to go it alone. It was a combination of things. I've never had to get a babysitter because my parents always stepped in when needed. It was a relief to be honest, because he was the cause of a lot of stress.

I do struggle with finances, and guilt. We don't have holidays every year like most families. I can't always give my son everything he wants even though he deserves it. People always ask me why I'm a single parent and don't seem to understand that at the time it was my only option.

It didn't change my thinking about romantic relationships at all. I knew a few people who had children alone and had gone on to have healthy relationships.

I didn't get any negative feedback from anyone I knew. When I started working, a few of my new colleagues were judgemental but that didn't affect me. But then they will either stop speaking to me or treat me differently when they find out I'm a single mother, especially when they find out I had a child at 20 years old.

Don't think you have to step in for the absent parent or make up for what they are missing, because you can't do that. Just be the best parent you can be. And most importantly don't feel guilty, being a single parent is admirable not morally reprehensible. You are allowed to be tired, scared, fed up, you are allowed to need space and a day off. I had constant support and still found it hard. There needs to be more support, and definitely more mediation so co-parenting is a feasible option.

It worked on my first attempt. But she was able to provide the mother's help that makes the difference; she made sure I was eating and resting and Theo's clothes were all laundered. I do things that are within my limits and trying to balance the weekends with Theo over doing chores - Theo wins hands down. Things are getting a bit easier and there's always something new he is doing.

I was 38 and single - so I decided to have a baby with a sperm donor

When I decided to have a baby with the help of a sperm donor, I was ready for the life change that becoming a mother would bring. No more partying the nights away, or lazy lie-ins nursing my latest hangover. And no more wasted efforts in dead-end relationships.

It was either being in love or this route. The year-old is in a growing pool of single women opting to have children on their own.

Most decisions we make are fairly innocuous: what to eat for lunch, when to catch up with our family and friends, whether to speak up in a meeting or remain quiet. And the story of these tiny decisions becomes our lives. I had spent that fortnight in Sri Lanka reflecting on my life. Over the course of the holiday, I decided that it was time to take action.

Nothing prepares you for the loneliness of being a single mother by sperm donor

What surprised me most about looking after a new baby alone was the beautiful simplicity of focusing on one relationship. I spent the first months with my daughter Astrid thinking almost exclusively about her. I felt free from pressure to think about how I looked; was unconcerned by a washing pile that I never saw the bottom of and was more rested than most new-mum friends in marriages, who had a relationship to sustain as well as a small child to keep alive. I just knew how much love I had to give a child, and how much I wanted the experience of seeing them make their way through this world. But after a string of serious boyfriends ended in a rebound relationship and a rapid divorce at 30 , I became cautious about who to share my life with. Then, finding myself single at 37, I had a fertility test. I realised that if I wanted to follow the convention of boyfriend before babies , I had to feel OK with the idea of not having children naturally — but I found that prospect heartbreaking and was worried that not trying would become a lasting regret.

Fertility options for single women

Back to Healthy body. The number of LGBT people becoming parents, or thinking about becoming parents, is increasing. If you're thinking about having children, here's an overview of the various routes to parenthood available to you. This is where a man donates sperm so a woman can inseminate herself. She can be single or in a relationship.

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Single mums by choice; meet the women who decided to have children alone

Get an overview of some of the key issues you may want to consider before starting treatment. The tests can give some indication of how fertile a woman is although the results are not guaranteed. IUI or artificial insemination is the main treatment for single women who want a family. You can have it with or without fertility drugs.

This feature is part of ELLE's 'Modern Motherhood Series' - exploring the shifting role of 'mother' in society and the women choosing to do things differently. Three years ago, Genevieve Roberts was on holiday in Sri Lanka. Until this trip, the promise of exploring a new country magically fixed any twinges of discontentment in her life. Was she having a mid-life crisis? Despite a successful career in journalism, her own flat in South East London and loving friendships, she felt unfulfilled. She was still young, and while she wanted kids, there was no rush.

Single women

We can help you have a baby now, with a choice of health-screened, identifiable UK sperm donors from our own donor bank, and the personal, emotional support you need when having treatment on your own. You will be supported by our dedicated Donation Team and counsellors, to help you prepare for treatment and your future as a family. If treatment is successful, you also have the option to reserve more sperm from your donor, so you can try for another child. Discounted IVF with donor sperm or donor sperm insemination through packages. Explore your options via a free, no obligation with a Patient Advisor. Insemination with donor sperm timed for when you are ovulating, either natural or stimulated cycle.

Advice for single parents - Your pregnancy and baby guide. Secondary navigation. Getting pregnant.

IVI offer a range of treatments for single women that wish to have a baby using assisted reproduction. The supportive clinic staff will guide you through the process with a view to fulfilling your goal of becoming a mother. The most common treatments performed for single women are intrauterine insemination IUI using semen from a donor or in vitro fertilisation IVF , egg and sperm donation or the donation of pre-embryos. When finding a donor, the clinic can provide only non-identifiable information such as:. Yes, the process will be the same as with an unknown donor.

We have donor sperm available right now....

Some are taking matters into their own hands. With big leaps forward in donor conception and the process of adoption broadening its horizons, there are a plethora of choices for women who, for whatever reason, have decided to become single parents. They prove that, with the necessary support, being a single mother by choice can be not only manageable but a dream come true.

Donor insemination

Back to Your pregnancy and baby guide. If you're bringing up a child on your own, don't be afraid to ask for help from friends and family. It's usually better for children to see both parents regularly, even if you start new relationships. At first, you may find your child behaves badly when they come home after a visit.

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Going it alone: why I chose single motherhood

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