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Girl meets world x reader lemon

Layden S05E06 Part1. Layden S05Eo6 Part2. Layden S05E06 Part3. Layden S05E Alisson saved his life. GM Secret of Life.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: The Saxophone Fic //skit// (read desc) (p.s. NSFW)

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: The Journey Home - Critical Role - Campaign 2, Episode 30

P!ATD, Among Other Things — if - josh dun x reader (lemon)

Welcome to my Fandom Circus! There's something for everyone here--at least I hope! My current obsession is WWE. Hang around, they'll update eventually! Catching Elephant is a theme by Andy Taylor. Originally posted by do-dirty-deeds. Lee rolled her eyes and pushed a shot across the table. I pulled the shot close, set it to my lips, threw my head back to down it. The liquid burned down my throat and set a warm haze through my body.

I snapped the glass back onto the table, waved at a passing waiter. She was right, of course. Hell, he went all over the world. Lee frowned. One after another, we downed whisky. It burned through my body. I flushed. She took my hand and lead the way onto the makeshift dancefloor. The music was loud, thrumming through the floor with a rattling bass sound. It mixed with the alcohol in my system and left me in a fuzzy haze.

Lee sidled close so that the two of us danced together. We fell into our own little world. Back to the bar, another round of shots. Swaying in the crowd to the rhythm. After our second break for more drinks, I found myself texting Jeff. My eyes were a little blurry, but I thought I told him that I was having fun at the bar and that I missed him. Before I could see his response, Lee grabbed me by the arm and dragged me back into the crush of bodies.

Time had no meaning as we drank and danced, danced and drank. Lee disappeared into the crowd as people surged onto the dancefloor. I found myself dancing alone, jostled on every side by men and women swaying. I turned, caught sight of a handsome man with piercing blue eyes and a charming smile. I looked around.

Lee was nowhere to be seen. With a nod, he stepped toward me. At first it was just two people dancing near one another. But he got closer as time passed until he put his hands on my hips and pulled me against him.

He leaned in to kiss me, but I pushed him away. I twisted away, pushed through the crowd toward the bar. Fresh air rushed over me as I broke through the edge of the dancefloor.

A hand settled on my wrist. I yanked on my arm, trying to get it out of his grip. Movement caught my attention. Jeff stood beside me in a black tee, zippered hoodie, and jeans. His hair was tied back, green gauges in his earlobes. My heart skipped a beat. Every time I saw him, I was struck by how beautiful he was.

He turned to me, something ferocious in his eyes. I nodded somewhat warily. Jeff took me by the hand and pulled me toward the exit.

I had to jog a little to keep up with his long, purposeful stride. He opened the back-passenger door, held out a hand to help me up. As soon as I was inside, he climbed in after me. The silence was unnerving. The world came into clear focus as anxiety flooded in. Jeff watched me, arms folded across his chest.

I felt self-conscious, moved to tug my dress down my thighs. I hazarded a look, saw the set of his jaw and the glitter in his eyes. Come to the bar… something to show you… kisses.

It literally floored me. Jeff made a noise, one that was halfway between a grunt and a growl. His fingers settled on my exposed thigh. It barely covers your ass. I can practically see your underwear. He leaned forward, eyes going wide. When he looked at my face, his eyes were dark with something that sent a shiver up my spine.

His fingers crept higher. Anticipation burned along my veins. My breath hitched in my throat. A smirk settled on his lips as he drew his hand away. Without a word, he tugged off his jacket and tossed it into the front seat.

He stretched out, arms over the back of the seat, and met my gaze with a glittering and determined glare. The look both frightened and exhilarated me. There was an edge of anger in it, but it was overshadowed by desire and ownership. I looked away from the intensity of his eyes, caught sight of the bulge in the front of his jeans. My fingers itched to reach out. Jeff reached up, brushed his fingers along the side of my face. His touch was gentle and warm. I dragged my gaze away from his hardening cock and met his eyes.

His expression had softened a little. He reached for me, pulled me so that I sat astride his thighs. My heart raced. I felt exposed as the dress rucked up, settling around my hips. He pushed my hair back behind my ears, cupped my face in his hands. I nodded, leaning forward to press my lips against his. Fingers wound in my hair as I wrapped my arms around his neck. He tugged me close, splaying his hand over the small of my back.

My hips rocked against him. He growled against my mouth. Jeff pulled gently on my hair, arching my neck to give his lips access. He nipped his way down my throat, licked along my collarbones. He hummed against my skin as his fingers fumbled with the zipper at the back of the dress. It parted easily, the satin fabric whispering against my skin as it fell away.

He took my nipple between his teeth, bit gently, licked his tongue over it to soothe the sting. A moan came out of me when he began to suck on them. My hips pressed down, grinding against his covered cock. I held his head against me, murmuring his name over and over. Jeff sat back, his face flushed, eyes bright as he looked up at me straddled over his lap half-naked.

He growled. A moment later, he lifted me up, sat me aside as he worked his jeans and boxers down his legs. His cock sprang free.

I love fictional charaters of all sorts. — Masterlist

Can you make me a smut imagine? This is going to sound weird, but I want to request a rough Farkle smut hahahaa I was thinking that she was originally best friends with the gang but he started to forget her after he changed his looks and the gang became somewhat popular. So, she transferred schools and changed looks as well. Then she came back and there was a slight argument that turned into smut. Thank you in advance!

Shawn found himself glaring at you and a basketball player. The two of you had been talking for at least twenty minutes.

Originally posted by fearsbegintomultiply. It was about pm by the time you got to your nice and cozy hotel room. You love how passionate and talented they were. You went to school together and the friendship kept going, growing stronger and stronger.

girl meets world x reader

Haikyuu-x-Reader Volleyball Boy Heaven. View Badges! Haikyuu-x-Reader gallery. Note About Folders. If the folder you are looking for is not there, then leave a comment on the group page and one of the admins will work on it. Latest Gallery Contributors. Ushijima Wakatoshi. You shuddered at the feeling of familiar calloused hands hiking up your skirt.

girl meets world smut

Request: Hay! You placed the neatly folded clothes in your closet. You stood on your toes to reach the bottom shelf, and groaned as you finally put the last piece of clothing away. You walked out of the bedroom and towards the stairs. The wood creaked under your feet every time you took a step, and eventually you reached the bottom.

Request: Hi! Can you please write Lucas Friar X Reader?

Lucas was coming over to help me study for our next big text in Mr. There was a knock on the door and I switched off the TV, standing and heading that way. I opened the door and smiled at Lucas.

A One-Stop Farkle Minkus Shop! — Screw You

Request Masterlist. Lucas Friar liked you, he had liked you since he first saw you in Mr. Lucas thought you were just getting even more gorgeous.

Small Flame Prt. Ignoring his protest, you fix your hair one last time before flashing your reflection a spirited wink and some finger guns. It had been over a month since the two of you went out for a date night. So, naturally, you were excited. You practically skip over to greet Hitoshi in the doorway, standing on your tippy toes to boop your nose to his. Shinsou slowly scans you up and down, coming to rest when the two of you lock eyes again.

Teen Wolf Slut For Smut — Master List

Welcome to my Fandom Circus! There's something for everyone here--at least I hope! My current obsession is WWE. Hang around, they'll update eventually! Catching Elephant is a theme by Andy Taylor. Originally posted by do-dirty-deeds. Lee rolled her eyes and pushed a shot across the table.

All from the show "Girl Meets World." They will I can do "Girl X Girl. Reader" or genderbent characters. I don't do lemons/smut PM ME FOR AN IMAGINE.

Нуматака выдержал паузу. - А если мистер Беккер найдет ключ. - Мой человек отнимет .

Халохот внимательно проследил взглядом всю ее длину. В дальнем конце три полоски света, прорываясь сквозь прорези, четкими прямоугольниками падали на брусчатку мостовой. Один из прямоугольников вдруг закрыла чья-то тень.

 Откуда вам это известно. - Это не имеет отношения к делу. Нуматака выдержал паузу. - А если мистер Беккер найдет ключ.

 Это чистая правда! - кричал.  - Мы должны позвать людей на помощь.

 - Помогите. С обеих сторон на него надвигались стены извивающейся улочки. Беккер искал какой-нибудь перекресток, любой выход, но с обеих сторон были только запертые двери. Теперь он уже бежал по узкому проходу. Шаги все приближались.

Прошло еще несколько минут. Она пыталась не думать о Дэвиде, но безуспешно. С каждым завыванием сирены слова Хейла эхом отдавались в ее мозгу: Я сожалею о Дэвиде Беккере. Сьюзан казалось, что она сходит с ума. Она уже готова была выскочить из комнаты, когда Стратмор наконец повернул рубильник и вырубил электропитание.

 Дэвид Беккер? - спросил один из. Беккер остановился, недоумевая, откуда им известно его имя. - Кто… кто вы .

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