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Girl meets world fanfiction rated m auggie

Summary: Cory Matthews comes from from work one day to surprising news. N: I know it would take more than two year to become a teacher but for the sake of this story Cory is already teaching and Topanga is still working to become a lawyer. This is my first year teaching and I think I'm doing a pretty good job. Right now I'm teaching Kindergarten and being in a room with 30 5 year olds 5 days a week has made me starting to think about what it would be like if one of those 5 year olds was mine. Ever since Topanga's pregnancy scare back in Pennsylvania I've been wanting to be a father.

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One evening Auggie and Ava were laying together in Ava's bed in their pajamas. The two were both looking at an iPad Auggie was holding up and were laughing.

Ava then said, "Man Auggie, you were right. That was a super funny video. I'm glad we could keep watching these videos past nine. Anyway, I'm gonna take a shower now. Or do you wanna go first? I usually take my showers in the morning. Well I'm gonna get ready for my shower. Don't go to sleep before I get back in, okay? Auggie began to start scrolling through videos until something caught the corner of his eye and he began to turn his head ever so slightly away from his screen.

Ava who was keeping her back to Auggie was undressing in plain view of him. She had already pulled off her shirt exposing her completely young bare back to Auggie and was already bending down and pulling her pants down. Auggie tried to look back his iPad screen in order to be polite to Ava but his eyes kept trailing back to Ava. Ava had just stepped out of her pants and was standing in her room wearing just her panties now.

Ava then pulled them down and now her fully bare underage butt cheeks were now in full view for Auggie to see. Auggie's face turned red as he found himself starring at and studying Ava's firm round buttocks.

Ava then reached forward and grabbed her bath robe and quickly put it on. Auggie then quickly moved his eyes back to his iPad as Ava causally walked out out of her room and into the bathroom. Auggie's face was beginning to feel warm. But then Auggie felt something get very warm he had never felt get warm before. Auggie put his left hand under his underwear and realized his penis was getting warmer and more stiff. Auggie closed his eyes for a moment and began to think about seeing Ava's nude backside and butt again.

He wished he could've seen Ava's nude front side. He began to imagine the two of them were naked doing what the 73rd page of Riley's health book said men and women who really love each other do to express their love in the most intimate way possible. However it was hard for Auggie to picture that since he still couldn't fully picture Ava's nude front side. So Auggie began to dig through the internet for help.

Auggie already knew how to break through the parental lock and already knew where to look. He already accidentally once stumbled upon pictures of scantily clad pictures of young ladies while trying to search for pictures of viper model cars he really should've put the word car into his search.

Auggie was now returning to the sites he had stumbled upon before but now with purpose. Auggie began to scroll through links in a forum and discovered many pictures of young ladies wearing barely anything. Auggie took mental notes of which ladies pleased his eyes more and he began to search in several non-Google search engines these young ladies' names with the safe search turned off. Auggie began to scroll through several pages worth of pictures as he began to stick his left hand under his underwear and began to stroke it and rub it as his eyes stayed glued to his screen.

As he scrolled Auggie said softly to himself, "Oh God. These models are amazing. Laurie, Mallory, Sabina, Khloe R, and Isabella Silver Model.

Oh dear Lord, you are hot! Auggie was now rubbing his penis hard as he jerked his hand up and down his hard member very quickly. Auggie then closed his eyes as he said, "Oh yeah. Auggie suddenly opened his eyes and saw Ava had just stepped back into the room wearing her bath robe and was looking at Auggie with a very troubled look. Auggie dropped his iPad as he took his left hand out of his underwear as he said, "Ava.

It's not what you I though you only had eyes for me. I don't care if we were just silly little kindergartners when we made our vows. I'm your wife Auggie, and you should only be checking only my body out. When you were changing before your shower, I saw your bare back and butt and wished I could've seen more. So I tried to use the internet to help paint a picture of what that might look like and You're having sexual desires for me?

Ava then smirked as she said, "Well it's about time. I know girls mature faster than boys do but I was worried I would have to wait forever for this moment. You no longer have to try to fantasize what I look like via some Asian girl's ass and nipples.

It's time for you to behold the beautiful body of your naked American wife and now lover. Auggie's jaw dropped as he began to stare at and study Ava's nude form before him. His eyes first gazed upon her bright pink round nipples that almost shined like little beacons on her chest. Then Auggie's eyes moved down to her vagina. Auggie first took note of the small smooth and soft mound that surrounded Ava's opening; with Auggie noting in his mind how it looked like like an upside down hill.

But then his eyes studied the small little line in the middle, the opening of Ava's womanhood, and Auggie's manhood began to get hard again as he imagined with a much more clearer image in his imagination now of what it would look like if his private member went inside of Ava's private member. Ava meanwhile made a sexy grin as she went towards the bed. Seeing Auggie wasn't moving as if he was in a trance, Ava gently pulled his shirt off of him, followed by his pants.

Ava then gently put her small young fingers at the waist band of Auggie's underwear and smiled as she gently pulled Auggie's underwear away from where it was.

Auggie's entire penis was now in view for Ava to see. Ava tilted her head a bit as she smiled as she took a long look at Auggie's hard member. To Ava it was like looking at a powerful rod surrounded by human flesh, or an organic rocket made to launch and land inside her body.

Ava then grabbed Auggie's adorably small penis with her hand and smiled as she felt it's warmth touch her young fingers. Then Ava brought her face down, her lips getting closer and closer to Auggie's warm manhood. And then Ava began to suck hard on Auggie's small hard member. Auggie moaned as Ava brought her mouth up and down as it moved quickly against the skin of Auggie's underage manhood.

Ava did this for over a minute, her pleasing Auggie causing his manhood to get slightly larger, longer, and warmer. Eventually Ava pulled her head up and this time Auggie made a sexy smile. Auggie then grabbed Ava by the arms and flipped their bodies around so now he was on top and was dominating her. Auggie then moved his face down and began to make light kisses on Ava's flat underage chest. Ava began to moan as Auggie moved his lips and tongue against Ava's nipples.

Ava moaned a bit as she felt Auggie's tongue move across her bright little pink nipples which were quickly getting more hard. Then Auggie moved his kisses down Ava's stomach and then right below it. Auggie moved his face to the entrance of Ava's slick, bald and smooth vagina and began to stick his tongue into it. Ava moaned a bit as she felt her young wet vaginal walls be touched by Auggie's young wet tongue.

Auggie pushed his tongue as deep as he could in Ava as he moved his tongue up and down and pushed against Ava's vaginal walls. Eventually Auggie turned Ava around so she was laying on her front. Ava moved her arms up so she could rest her head on them.

Auggie then moved his face forward began to kiss Ava's firm smooth cute underage butt cheeks for a moment but then he began to lick them full force with his tongue. Ava moaned a bit, but as she did, Auggie began to spread Ava's legs out a bit and moved her knees so her buttocks were sticking up into the air a bit now. Auggie then got on his knees, put his hands on the sides of Ava's butt and then pushed his five inch penis deep between Ava's butt cheeks. Ava moaned hard causing her mouth to open up in the shape of an "O" as Auggie pushed his hard member in an out of Ava's behind.

Auggie then began to moan loudly as he unintentionally immediately released his load deep into Ava's butt hole. And exhausted Auggie then fell back on the bed. Ava smirked as she got up and then sat on her knees on top of Auggie. Ava looked down at Auggie, and Auggie looked up at Ava. The two looked into each other's eyes and somehow with one look, the two both knew the other was ready.

Ava positioned Auggie's beautiful young penis with her right hand, hovered over it with her attractive underage vagina, and then Ava came down and had Auggie's hard member enter her body. The two young underage lovers moaned loudly as they felt their bodies become one. Auggie instantly grabbed Ava's buttocks to keep her in place while Ava leaned over a bit and pushed her hands against Auggie's chest.

Ava's body began to slowly move up and down as with each small thrust she made towards Auggie her vagina more easily slid down on Auggie's hard member.

Within a minute, Ava had two inches of Auggie's young penis inside her. And within two minutes, Ava had Auggie's entire manhood throbbing hard inside of her. Ava then began to bounce up and down a lot as Auggie's warm hard member pushed against her vaginal walls harder than ever.

Ava's cute little butt cheeks began to jiggle around and bounce a bit as she continued to make love to Auggie, and Auggie was beginning to moan louder as his manhood began to feel like it was getting even longer and harder.

I don't own, work for, know any one who owns, or works for Disney and Disney's Girl Meets World in any way. This story was requested to do this type of paring. This is a one shot story. It was just sixteen year old Riley and her friend Maya while the rest of the family was out.

This story is rated M and it has sex in it. I don't own, work for, know anyone who owns, and works for Disney and Disney's Girl Meets World in anyway. Six years have passed.

Auggie is now older to be home all by himself. Riley and her friends come home for the holidays. Corey and Topanga go away for their anniversary. What will happen with Auggie and Riley? Note If you're a Guest then I can't answer youif you don't have an account.

Hello, my fellow readers. I am on a roll with this story. I've been working non-stop on this story all night. Before I begin, I would just like to tell you that I am going to be aging Auggie and Ava up to their teen years. Auggie will be 16 and Ava will be 17 and they're both in their junior year of high school. So, you can all thank me. It was a warm and sunny Tuesday afternoon and Auggie has just got home from school. He was sitting in the apartment waiting for Ava to come over for their study session.

One evening Auggie and Ava were laying together in Ava's bed in their pajamas. The two were both looking at an iPad Auggie was holding up and were laughing. Ava then said, "Man Auggie, you were right. That was a super funny video. I'm glad we could keep watching these videos past nine.

Hey everyone.

Please do not read past this point unless you are above the age of If this is received well, I'll consider continuing the story and incorporating reader suggestions for further chapter ideas. Thank you, and enjoy! Maya threw her head back as she let out a restrained moan.

Riley spoke, "Just like President Reagan who had good faith toward the Russians, he trusted them but he also sought to verify if the Russians would honor his deal. Because he knows that Russia can be a formidable opponent. In the end, all that you can do is trust in them. Cory sighed in relief; the two figured it out finally.

Hi ben28 here for another story! Now this is a one-shot about Riley and her brother Auggie. Although this would totally work on the show, none of this is cannon, for those of you who are big fans of the show. So even though it really should be cannon, it's not because I don't own girl meets world. So let's get right into it shall we. This is about how Riley firsts meets her little brother.

Riley an d Auggie home alone. Still feel free to comment one of the listed or one that you think i should write about and excuse my grammar and missspelling im working on A laggy phone. Riley was still grounded from the Maya incident so she was just sitting in the living room reading a book. She was all ,alone Cory was attractive school grading papers and Topanga was a court hearing. So Riley was just sitting on the couch reading trying to get her mind off of sex. Now that Corey had stoped having sex with her Riley needed relief and masturbation just wasn't enough Riley needed some relief but who could she get to have sex with. And at that moment Auggi walked in "Ava broke up with me" he was crying. All Riley could do was grin.

Aug 13, - First Girl Meets World Story. Read & Review Please! Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Family - Cory M., Riley M., Topanga L. M. - Words: 2,

I wake up at 8 for some reason I look around and no one else is up so I go to go back to sleep I am just about to fall asleep and then I hear Auggie scream I jump up Waking Lucas. We walk to Auggie 's room and hear Auggie crying. She runs into Auggie 's room as I say; "The address is-" I am cut off by the sound of two gun shots. Auggie is holding his arm but I can see the blood on it, and Riley is covered in blood, it's all over her shirt. The paramedics start to help Auggie and Riley.

Hey guys it is GMWfluffykitten here with my first story. It is about Farkle and Auggie and things start to get a little frisky. Tonight was a bath night for Auggie and Mr.

Maya came up to the hospital the next morning with Riley's bag that was already packed. Riley was still sleeping next to Auggie and Lucas stared at her as the sunlight struck her hair. Is she still planning on going?

Disclaimer: I own nothing but what you see here.

I need to practice. Seriously, you stress too much. The girls sauntered down the busy hallway of their high school. Besides, the studio is closed on Friday nights, where were you planning on practicing?

This story is rated M and it contains bi sex, incest and a fetish. If any of these turns you off you are free to leave. If you stay I don't want a review saying "How dare I make so and so do that. It was the middle of the night and Auggie had a bad dream. Normally he would ran into his parent's bedroom to sleep with them but they were not home as it was date night for them. One day a month they try to go out just the two of them. So he decided to sleep in Riley's room.

I don't own, work for, know anyone who owns and works for Disney and Disney's Girl Meets World in anyway. It was a saturday night and The Matthews was getting ready to go out. Cory and Topanga was getting ready to go on a date and same goes for Rliey she was getting ready for a date with Lucas.

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