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News about Community Colleges. Home News about Community Colleges. Carro leve, pneus macios. Carro pesado, pneus duros. If my problem was a Death Star, this article is a photon topeodr.

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ASB Elections: Candidate Pitches

Sore and tired from riding the dirt bike trails in the Unity and Elkhorn Crest areas the boys, Kyle 19, and Brian 17,and I decided to grab a respite from the degree heat the last week of July.

We had ridden the motorcycles to the North fork of the Burnt river yeah, it is in Oregon only to find what could scarcely be called a creek.

Back at camp we pulled out the Oregon Atlas and Gazeteer to see what other streams might support a rafting expedition. Hmmmm, the Snake was too far and required a permit, we just got off the Deschutes and we had just swum the John Day three days ago.

There was a tinge of blue on the map called the Powder. Something to think about. She had not run the Powder herself but was pretty sure we could catch a decent float just down from Mason Dam that impounds Phillips Reservoir. After a few wrong turns to get to the river from Hwy 7 we pulled into a recreation area along the Powder. Before inflating the boat I walked down to the river and cornered a fisherman about the navigability of the run. He thought it was ok but had only inner tubed from the weigh station 7 miles downstream.

Directly under the foot bridge was a crude weir that was runnable but made me wonder about future diversions. Basically he did not know much about what lay ahead. We found a turn around and walked over to the gorge section and found a skinny passage full of filing cabinet sized boulders.

That was not good, but the deal killer was the outlet of the gorge where there was a log jamb followed by a boat high cable and then a collapsed bridge that made for a nice strainer provided you could make it past the obstacles above. No deal. We drove on downstream to a more pastoral area and found a school bus turn around, so pulled in.

The lady who lived on the highway there came out to see what was going on and when I described our quest for a section of water to float she was more that willing to let us launch from her back yard and enjoy the trip. She mentioned the dam was releasing water this week and the flows would be high, meaning enough to float a boat. Besides the river was only 12 feet wide and you could walk across it without getting your waist wet.

So off we launched at Hwy mile post Since Kyle had injured his shoulder on the dirt bike he was absolved of paddling. With a 14 ft bucket boat I put Brian on the prow and I was at the stern.

Hey, we could run it like the sweep boats you see on the Middle Fork. Since the river narrowed into hedgerows it was the only way to navigate without becoming a casualty of the brush. Standing I could see it was a crude rock style diversion dam that was turbulent enough to run over a 1 ft drop.

Not too bad but the boat needed more air. We could tough it out with a floppy boat being there was no place to beach and air up. The next scenery was the abandoned bridge pilings which were fine except they blocked our view of the upcoming cable that stretched across the river at guillotine height. Hell, we could just lift the cable with our paddles and float right under.

Good thought. Bad plan. As we approached the cable Brian grabbed it to make the lift to minimize our ducking. It lifted about two inches and it was scraping Brian into the boat well. The boat pivoted and then it was my turn to be the cable guy. I only could raise it 1 inch and dove into the boat well. Kyle saw our futile antics and was sliding down and won the Limbo contest as the cable scraped the bugs off of him.

Oh crap, a log jam. Ah but a small slot to the right. We can just squeeze through, but below the jamb the river braids. When can I crack a beer? This is a lot of maneuvering for a non rafting river. Another weir with debris but we can scrape down and go. The armor on the inflatable was too thin to ram this obstacle so we decided to call it quits. The road was in sight but we had to run the gauntlet of sticker laden bulrushes. With bare legs and arms this looked like it would be worse than wrestling with the barb wire fence ahead.

Brian came up with the thought of using the boat as a bulldozer and flattening ourselves a path to the highway. It worked until we came to another barb wire fence then we hacked our way around with paddles and hoisted the raft and gear over it to the safety of the 3 ft wide shoulder on the Sumpter Highway.

I knocked on the door of the house at the launch, thanked the owner for the access, and advised her that her back yard was not a viable launch point. This time we would go downstream. We pulled into the weigh station and sure enough the river was right there but no one was there to give us advice of what lie ahead. Indeed we could not see the weir on our drive back up to the weigh station due to the brush and topography.

Once at the weigh station we began filling our raft when four 13 year olds came floating down the river in inner tubes followed by a mother and her 9 year old. That was the clincher. I love details. We rigged the paddle frame and installed the cooler, stashed the keys to the motorhome and shoved off. As we did I looked 80 ft upstream and saw a fence across the river. The brush quickly filled both banks and we were rafting down a green walled path about 12 ft wide.

Back to our sweep boat positions. Oh look a rock weir, but it was merely a short drop. Where was the second one that was supposed to be 10 feet down. The only problem was these heaps of metal were the rip rap lining the bank and were still bristling with jagged protrusions looking for a meal of rubber raft. Stay in the main channel and hopefully there will be no Ramblers lurking below with trunk lids and doors poised for attack.

Ahead was the horizon line. This had to be the weir that we were warned about. I stood in the boat and could see about a 3 ft drop and indeed there was another shorter drop about 10 ft beyond.

There was no place to get out and scout or line it due to the brush but where did the 13 year olds go? It was an imperfect weir meaning it had turbulence and rocks that would allow a craft with momentum to pass but it also required continued thrust to bust the second drop. Below the double drop was a house with 3 life vests attached to a line poised as a throw ring for rescue.

No one was manning them but perhaps a cry for help would have the homeowners springing to rescue if needed. Past the obstacles it was time for a Miller. Most of the time it was between my legs as we had to constantly maneuver to stay out of the brush. Oh, another small weir and piece of logging equipment holding in the bank. No fences so far. But what is this? A collapsed bridge! Wait a minute I see a skinny passage on river left that we can fit through if we duck.

Brian reaches his arm over the tube as he is ducked down in the boat well and bends the rebar away from us and Kyle is pushing the thick cable closer to the bank to ease our passage.

Most rivers have rocks and hairy rapids as their defense against rafting intruders. This one has evolved into the Iron Age. After the collapsed bridge Brian stopped to relieve himself and could hack his way up the right bank. He could see no other obstacles, but then again, he could only see about 40 ft down the river. We passed next under a bridge made from a railcar flatbed, and dislodged several swallows who were making it their haunt.

We weaved through the brush lined river and Kyle remarked that a person could get caught under the shore bushes and what would become of them.

Around the next bend I saw the entrance to a diversion channel and next to it a large weir. This one needed investigation. From the left bank I could not get to the river because the diversion channel was too wide and cut off my approach. I walked upstream then crossed over the last bridge we passed under.

I have to scout a river. From the right bank the rock weir was the most significant drop on the river but again it was turbulent and therefore passable in a raft. Just below the weir was a railroad bridge with an abutment in midstream. It looked like a candidate for a place to wrap a boat. I hollered at the boys to pump up the raft. It was floppy from the get go. I hiked back to the boat the same way I came and helped top off the raft.

We shoved off and made the drop alright, but through lack of coordinated effort rammed straight into the oval steel abutment but due to our inflation efforts bounced straight off. With the floppy setup we probably would have wrapped. Just down from the diversion channel the river bank was lined with stones set there by the early residents of Baker and soon we were at what appeared to be a takeout at the baseball field.

Finally some details that had some meat. So we hopped back in the boat and resumed our trip through the shaded tree lined Powder river of Baker.


For the past dozen or so years, outsourcing has been an inevitable part of those conversations. To me, this seems like trusting someone with the family silver but not trusting them to serve you meals on it. So, I'm interested: where does your company sit on the spectrum below? Or Do They?

I photographed this wild bobcat in the mountains in Colorado in the early 90's. I was there to shoot winter landscapes and got lucky with spotting this beautiful cat. Given that the camera was completely manual and very slow for wildlife, I got off one shot before the bobcat took off.

Sore and tired from riding the dirt bike trails in the Unity and Elkhorn Crest areas the boys, Kyle 19, and Brian 17,and I decided to grab a respite from the degree heat the last week of July. We had ridden the motorcycles to the North fork of the Burnt river yeah, it is in Oregon only to find what could scarcely be called a creek. Back at camp we pulled out the Oregon Atlas and Gazeteer to see what other streams might support a rafting expedition. Hmmmm, the Snake was too far and required a permit, we just got off the Deschutes and we had just swum the John Day three days ago.

2006 Powder River

I have been in leadership for 3 years, as class secretary, class president and currently as ASB president. Throughout this time I have learned the ins and out of being a leader. As part of leadership I have headed projects like the Olympic themed assembly and the Homecoming Dance, the first dance in the gym instead of the commons! Finally, I would be remiss not to mention that I am the only rising senior running for the presidential position, and I guarantee you that looking at myself last year, I would not have the experience or knowledge to hold such an esteemed position. I am running for ASB president because I know how it feels to be left out. The main complaint of MIHS, and the reason my own sister chose to attend another high school, is the cliquey culture. I hear it all the time, and I want everyone to feel they have a voice at our school. Leadership has allowed me to find my place at the high school. I am neither popular nor athletic, but I have poured my heart out creating events like dances and assemblies that aim to unify.

Wild bobcat

Following on from our recent piece exploring personal trainers and exercise physiologists, it felt only natural to look deeper into the world of allied health — in particular, physiotherapy and exercise physiology. This enquiry comes from patients, friends, family members, other health professionals… and it is a valid question. There can be some overlap between our worlds, but like most things, we work better together. I always begin with the fact that exercise physiology is a relatively new profession. Our national body ESSA was founded in , with Medicare recognition granted to exercise physiology services in just

The little dog got his head out. This GPS mobile phone tracker has more to offer than just tracking one;s location.

 Она назвала вам свое имя. - Нет. - Может быть, сказала, куда идет. - Нет.

Он вылетел из-за поворота на уровне лодыжек подобно рапире фехтовальщика. Халохот попробовал отклониться влево, но не успел и со всей силы ударился об него голенью. В попытке сохранить равновесие он резко выбросил руки в стороны, но они ухватились за пустоту.

Есть различие, которое мы все время упускаем. Что-то очень простое. - Ой, дорогие мои… - сказала вдруг Соши. Она открыла на экране второе окно и просматривала остальную часть документов Лаборатории вне закона. - В чем дело? - спросил Фонтейн.  - Вы что-то нашли.

Хейл промолчал. - Рано или поздно, - продолжала она, - народ должен вверить кому-то свою судьбу. В нашей стране происходит много хорошего, но немало и плохого. Кто-то должен иметь возможность оценивать и отделять одно от другого. В этом и заключается наша работа. Это наш долг.

Feb 6, - We made it to NEW ZEALAND with this bomb crew! It was INSANE to turn on the TV while we were in Queenstown to randomly see our faces! Somebody essentially assist to make severely posts Купить болт стыковой ГОСТ крупным и мелким.

Он не знал ни где он находится, ни кто его преследует и мчался, подгоняемый инстинктом самосохранения. Он не чувствовал никакой боли - один лишь страх. Пуля ударила в кафельную плитку азульехо чуть сзади.

Стратмор был взбешен. Халохот впервые сорвал задание, выбрав неблагоприятные время и место. Получить ключ было необходимо, но Стратмор отлично понимал, что посылать глухого киллера в севильский морг было бы настоящим самоубийством. И тогда он стал искать иные возможности.

Холод пронзил все ее тело. Но как мог вирус проникнуть в ТРАНСТЕКСТ. Ответ, уже из могилы, дал Чатрукьян.

 - Сейчас найду.

Я позвоню в телефонную компанию. Я уверена, что они смогут сказать. Нуматака тоже был уверен, что компания это сделает. В эпоху цифровой связи понятие неприкосновенности частной жизни ушло в прошлое.

Нам придется ее отложить. - Что-о? - Сьюзан окончательно проснулась. - Прости. Я срочно уезжаю. Вернусь завтра. И уже утром мы сможем поехать.

С такими темпами шифровалка сумеет вскрывать не больше двух шифров в сутки. В то время как даже при нынешнем рекорде - сто пятьдесят вскрытых шифров в день - они не успевают расшифровывать всю перехватываемую информацию. - Танкадо звонил мне в прошлом месяце, - сказал Стратмор, прервав размышления Сьюзан. - Танкадо звонил вам? - удивилась .

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