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Can i get an irish passport if my wife is irish

This website uses cookies. Find out more in our Privacy and Cookie Policy. Hide this message. My parents were both born in Great Britain and so was I. Am I entitled to Irish citizenship based on my Irish grandparents? Yes, you are entitled to Irish citizenship by descent if any of your grandparents was born in Ireland, but you must first register your birth in the Foreign Births Register.

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Irish nationality law

Those present discussed the circumstances in relation to residency status post Brexit of the numerous UK nationals married or partnered with Irish nationals and residing in Spain.

The discussion also included those couples from Ireland who have intentions to relocate to Spain in the future. Some Irish citizens whose partners are UK Nationals and together are residing in Spain are aware that taking up Irish nationality is not an option For their partners. There is a second option for these UK nationals who are married or in a de facto partnership with Irish nationals that they may not be aware of, this is their rights under EU Directive to retain freedom of movement that does not involve changing nationality.

Sylvia mentioned that there is a backlog for citizenship applications. In one particular case an application was still pending eighteen months after the petition was submitted. These applications are normally processed within six months. It is important to note that for those in a de facto partnership do not have the right under Irish citizenship law to apply for Irish nationality.

There are also those partners who de not meet the residency requirements in Ireland which one supposes is the majority of these couples who are residents of Spain. Those in the above situation would be best applying for or updating their residency status under Article 10 of the European Directive on the freedom of movement. Unfortunately for those UK Nationals and spouses of EU including Irish Citizens already residing legally in Spain and holders of a residency certificate, the Spanish governments recent Royal Decree on the updating of these certificates for a foreigners card TIE , have failed to include or even mention these citizens rights.

The information can be found in a previous explanatory fact sheet posted earlier this month. Before proceeding to advise those citizens affected, it would be advisable to follow the information on the rights on application for Irish nationality by marriage.

The information below is lifted from the website of the Citizens Information Ireland. Altogether you must have a total of 3 years reckonable residence out of the last 5 years. However, under the Marriage Act , it is now possible for same-sex couples to become legally married and you can no longer register a civil partnership in Ireland. Partnerships registered abroad after 16 November are not recognised as civil partnerships in Ireland.

Reckonable residence. Certain periods of residence do not count for the purpose of reckonable residence, for example, periods when you did not have permission to remain in Ireland, or you had permission that was for study purposes or while having a claim for asylum examined. It becomes obvious that most of these couples already residing in Spain do not meet the requirements.

Below is an extract of information provided for UK nationals married to EU citizens. We reiterate the importance of knowing your rights when officials may still not have been provided with any guidelines for your particular cases after the UK exits the Union. We wish to advise all these citizens that if their circumstances not included in the royal decree is not legally formalised as an amendment in the existing or new law, that they should be aware that when making an application for a TIE, that the residence card should be issued under Article Please visit our social media pages.

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn. Please note: The information provided is based upon our understanding of current legislation. It is not legal advice but is provided freely to enable you to be properly informed. We recommend that if you are considering taking action, you should seek professional advice. As an expatriate living in Spain; do you find that the Spanish bureaucratic system can be disconcerting? Have you discovered that the simplest of transactions are difficult to conclude?

Find yourself searching for answers to problems only to discover that there is nowhere where you could find a solution? I am assuming that the answer is yes and that is why should be a member of our web site if you arent already.

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How to get an Irish passport: Am I eligible, how do I apply and how long is the wait?

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Those present discussed the circumstances in relation to residency status post Brexit of the numerous UK nationals married or partnered with Irish nationals and residing in Spain. The discussion also included those couples from Ireland who have intentions to relocate to Spain in the future. Some Irish citizens whose partners are UK Nationals and together are residing in Spain are aware that taking up Irish nationality is not an option For their partners.

Can I apply for an Irish passport in my original unadopted name? The ordinary rules for entitlement to Irish citizenship are that anyone born on the island of Ireland before 1 January is entitled to be an Irish citizen. An individual born outside of Ireland may be an Irish citizen by descent if one of their parents was born in Ireland and was an Irish citizen. British passport holders can generally hold dual nationality and are not required — under UK law — to give up their British nationality when they acquire the nationality of another country. However, some other countries do not permit their citizens to hold two nationalities.

How to apply for an Irish passport: the application process and eligibility rules explained

They may even need a visa before they can enter the country. In this section you will find information to make it easier for you to find your way through the immigration process. If your spouse or civil partner is a citizen of an EEA country , they do not need a visa or permission to live or work Ireland. If your spouse or civil partner is a citizen of a non-EEA country , they will need to apply for immigration permission to live in Ireland. If your spouse of civil partner is not already in Ireland, they may need to apply for a D-visa before they can travel to Ireland. You can check whether they need a visa here. Once in Ireland they will need to register with a local Immigration Officer. Download our guide to the process below — this gives an overview of the process from start to finish:. A de facto partnership is a relationship that is similar to marriage but that has not been legally recognised or registered.

I was born outside Ireland, but have Irish parents/grandparents, can I apply for an Irish Passport?

Are you eligible for Irish dual citizenship? Here's a guide on various ways to get the coveted Irish passport. An Irish passport has long been one of the most sought-after travel documents in the world and now with Trump elected in the US and Brexit passing in Britain, for thousands, there may be no better time to look into how to get their hands on one. Here is a guide to acquiring an Irish passport and why it may be a good idea to get your hands on one:. It's kitschy but true: being Irish is seen as being more, well, likable or something.

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With Brexit on the way , the number of British people applying for Irish passports has boomed. A break from the European Union could leave people in Britain unable to live or work elsewhere on the continent unless they can acquire the right elsewhere. Irish heritage is among the most common in the UK, with hundreds of thousands of Irish-born people living across the country - and even more who can trace their descent to an Irish parent or grandparent.

Would I Be Able to Apply For an Irish Passport?

Irish nationality law is contained in the provisions of the Irish Nationality and Citizenship Acts to and in the relevant provisions of the Irish Constitution. A person may be an Irish citizen [1] through birth, descent, marriage to an Irish citizen or through naturalisation. The law grants citizenship to individuals born in Northern Ireland under the same conditions as those born in the Republic of Ireland. Irish citizenship law originates with Article 3 of the Constitution of the Irish Free State which came into force on 6 December ; it applied domestically only until the enactment of the Constitution Amendment No.

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Becoming an Irish citizen through marriage or civil partnership

WITH Brexit delayed until later this year, there's no better time to join the record numbers of Brits applying for Irish passports. Britain's departure from the EU will likely strip its citizens of the freedom of movement to live and work on the continent — unless they can acquire that right elsewhere. Last year, over , Irish passports were issued — representing yet another significant jump on previous figures since the Brexit referendum in June So far this year, more than , Irish passports have been issued, but first-time applicants are reportedly now facing a day wait to receive their documents. And across the border in Northern Ireland, demand has been so high that post offices there have been known to run out of forms — while applicants in the North are said to be facing a day wait to receive their passports. With all that in mind, let's take a look to see if you are eligible for an Irish passport, how long you will have to wait and how much it'll cost you There are a number of ways to establish your Irish citizenship, which can take around six months to process — but don't worry, Brexit isn't going to change your eligibility.

I will have my Irish passport and my Australian passport, but my wife will Seems a bit off if Immigration are allowing Australian spouses to go  Jan 31, - 10 posts.

NOTE: Applications from persons where it is deemed that they are seeking such permission to simply gain entry to the State or where they seek such permission simply to continue their length of stay in the State for whatever reason, such applications will be refused and the appropriate and necessary action taken to remove the individual from the State. Any misinformation given during the application process will result in the application being refused immediately. Marriage to an Irish national does not confer an automatic right of residence in the State.

Non-Irish family members of Irish citizens

Start your personalised immigration advice session to receive the answers and information you need. As the UK is heading towards a future outside of the EU, many British citizens are looking for a way to retain their right to freedom of movement throughout Europe. The process of leaving the EU could take up to and over two years, so there is no urgent need to apply for an Irish passport. During the two-year negotiation period, British passport holders will continue to enjoy freedom of movement throughout Europe.

EU UK Referendum: FAQs - Citizenship, Passports & residency entitlements

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Husband has Irish Passport - Wife Doesnt.

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