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A real man breaks your headboard

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Give your dull, boring bedroom a touch of sexy, masculine style with ideas and decor inspiration. Take note of the furniture, wall art, rugs and decor pieces scattered through every room. All it takes is getting a little creative when it comes to interior design. A tall headboard can be a great way to add the feeling of height to your room. This particular headboard features built-in spotlights that make late-night reading a pleasure. To replicate this headboard, consider using plywood sheets assembled horizontally on nailers.


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Posted by Ilyce R. Glink in All , Home Design. A beautiful headboard can make or break your bedroom design. It can create visual interest, tie together multiple elements and make a room look complete. Without a headboard, a bedroom can look empty — but so will your wallet if you purchase a headboard from the store.

Headboards are expensive, typically costing hundreds of dollars. The options are endless and because of the simple construction, they are easy for new do-it-yourselfers to tackle.

Here are a few examples of what you can do with some creativity, the right materials and a little help. My dad and I like to do projects together, so he suggested that we try to make one. Would you believe that the headboards can actually made out of doormats? The doormats, a little paint, wood and ingenuity were all it took to make this headboard, which Crafted by Kara Paslay, an interior designer out of Tulsa, Okla.

With the help of her husband, it only took one afternoon to assemble; a tutorial is posted on her blog, Kiki and Company. All it took were the right measurements and luckily, we got those right the first time. Be exact with measurements. Take your time. Headboards are large and cumbersome, and without a little help — someone to hold while you nail — the project may get out of control relatively quickly.

Ilyce's contributions to Y! Homes help homeowners find the best approaches to home projects and upgrades. Her valuable insight into homeowning covers topics from budgeting to home design. Home Design. Moroccan design Would you believe that the headboards can actually made out of doormats?

Author Ilyce R. Glink Author Ilyce's contributions to Y!

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Posted by Ilyce R. Glink in All , Home Design. A beautiful headboard can make or break your bedroom design. It can create visual interest, tie together multiple elements and make a room look complete. Without a headboard, a bedroom can look empty — but so will your wallet if you purchase a headboard from the store.

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A Real Man Might Break Your Headboard, but Never Your Heart

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Adjustable bed squeaking.

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They conceal joints and any slight mismatch between neighboring panels. Cedar, Knotty Western Red Veneer Species Guide Columbia Forest Products is proud to offer an exciting variety of hardwood and decorative softwood species of faces to meet the demand for architectural individuality in interior design applications. Our decorative wall panels are an eco-friendly solution to enhancing your space without breaking the bank. With one smooth side and one rough side, this shiplap can be used for flooring, walls, sheds, paneling, siding, ceilings, and wainscoting and stained or painted to any color.

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Featured lyrics. Hope For The Underrated Youth. Hot lyrics. Corte Ellis — Headboard Lyrics. She came in the room dropped down her mini skirt Took a look into my eyes said she bout to go to work Then she pushed me on the bed started kissing on my

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Skip to main content Full Size Headboard. In Stock. I recently purchased a purple mattress and base and was looking for a new headboard as I had replaced my Queen bed with a King. I like the modern look of the headboard and it compliments the rest of my room well. The frame seems well constructed and was packaged well. Add to cart. Usually ships within 2 to 3 days. Received on time.

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DIY Friday: Headboard…It’s a Lot Easier Than You Think

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4x8 oak paneling

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