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The day is finally here! Your little princess is finally born. As parents, you probably went through many baby name books, scoured the Internet for unique names and its meanings. But nothing satisfied you, right? A name is one of the greatest gifts that your baby will carry for the rest of her life.

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Bible Names for Girls

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You will find both classic and unusual baby names in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. They carry a history that can be appealing to have as part of your own child's story. While some of the meanings are quite noble "great warrior" or lovely "full of grace" , others are a bit less so "palm tree". Because it is thought of as the "Christian Bible," New Testament names tend to be more popular in modern America.

But that doesn't mean you won't come across some more unusual options. Consider these popular or unique Biblical baby names for girls, along with their meanings, origins, popularity in the top 1, list of girl names , and other interesting information.

Fun Fact : Abigail was an educated, wealthy, and beautiful woman who is regarded as one of the few female prophets of the Old Testament. She successfully instigated a plan to prevent bloodshed between her husband, Nabal, and King David.

Fun Fact : Adah is seen as a name twice in Genesis. In the s, Ada, Countess of Lovelace, is considered to be the first computer programmer. The Ada computer programming language is named in her honor.

In the Gospel of Luke in the New Testament, Anna is a prophetess in the Temple who preaches to everyone there that the child Jesus will redeem Jerusalem. Fun Fact : Bethany was a town at the foot of the Mount of Olives where Jesus stayed the week prior to his crucifixion with Martha and Mary, sisters of Lazarus who was raised from the dead. Fun Fact : Candace makes an appearance as the queen of the Ethiopians in Acts. The apostle Philip converts and baptizes her chief of the treasury.

Fun Fact : Chloe is mentioned in 1 Corinthians as a leading early Christian woman in Corinth, Greece, where the name was popular in ancient times as well as today. Fun Fact : Two Deborahs make an appearance in the Bible. In Genesis, Deborah is the nurse of Rebecca.

In the Book of Judges, Deborah is a heroic prophetess who forms an army to combat the Canaanites. Fun Fact : Delilah is a villain in the Book of Judges, where she gets mighty Samson to tell her that the source of his strength is his hair. Then she has his hair cut and he is turned over to the Philistines. In the s, Elizabeth Blackwell was the first woman to receive a medical degree in the United States.

She overcame many obstacles and, along with her sister who was also a physician, opened a medical college in New York City.

Fun Fact : Queen Esther of Persia has an entire book of the Hebrew Bible named after her, and the annual feast of Purim is in memory of how she was able to prevent the slaughter of Jews in Persia. Fun Fact : Eve is the first woman, and therefore the first female name mentioned in the Bible. Fun Fact : Hagar was the servant of Sarah and was given to Abraham so he could have a child. Her son, Ishmael, is honored in Islam as an ancestor of Muhammad. Her search for water when abandoned by Abraham is reenacted as part of the Hajj pilgrimage.

An angel caused water to spring out at what is now the Zamzam Well, next to the Kaaba in Mecca. Fun Fact: In the Old Testament, after Deborah defeats the Canaanite army, its captain takes refuge in the tent of Heber the Kenite, whose wife Jael kills the captain with a tent peg. Fun Fact : Jemimah was one of the three daughters of Job.

The name is not commonly given in the U. The diminutives are used instead. Fun Fact : In the Gospel of Luke, Joanna is one of the women who discovers that Jesus' tomb is empty when she and Mary Magdalene come to anoint the body. She is a daring widow who infiltrates the camp of Assyrian general Holofernes and decapitates him, saving Israel.

Fun Fact: In the Old Testament, Kezia was the second of the three daughters of Job born after the end of his suffering. Fun Fact : Leah was the first wife of Jacob and six of her sons became leaders of the 12 tribes of Israel. Fun Fact: Maria is the usual form of the name Mary, and is used in most European languages. She kept busy cooking and cleaning while Mary sat and was taught by Jesus.

She has since been associated with the helping professions. Fun Fact: Mary is an English form of Maria. She saved him when Saul tried to have him killed. Fun Fact : Miriam was the sister of Moses and Aaron and was a teacher and prophetess.

The devotion of Ruth to Naomi is exemplary. Naomi changed her name to Mara bitter when her husband and sons died. Fun Fact: In the Old Testament, Noa was one of the five daughters of Zelophehad who successfully argued that they should be able to inherit their father's holdings, even though that was against tradition.

Moses ruled that they could do so if they married within their tribe, which was also not customary. Oprah is a variant considered to be a misspelling. Fun Fact: In the New Testament, a humorous story is related about a servant girl named Rhoda who was living in the house of the mother of John Mark the evangelist. When Peter is unexpectedly released from prison, he goes to that house and knocks on the door.

Rhoda is so startled to hear he is at the door that she runs to tell her mistress without opening the door. Fun Fact : Heroine of the Book of Ruth, Ruth is loyal to her mother-in-law after her husband's death. She is an ancestor of King David. One is the mother of apostles James and John, who was also one of the three women who discovered that Jesus had risen from the dead.

The other was the step-daughter of King Herod who requested that John the Baptist be beheaded. God promised they would have children, which made her laugh as she was past menopause and childless.

The Bible says she didn't conceive until she was 90 years old. Fun Fact : Selah was not used as a name in the Bible, but it appears dozens of times at the end of verses in Psalms. Fun Fact : Shiloh was a place name in the Bible and might refer to the Messiah. In the U. Fun Fact: In the Book of Daniel, Susanna is falsely accused of adultery by two men who wished to blackmail her into having sex with them.

Before she can be put to death, the prophet Daniel comes to her defense and turns the tables on the accusers. In Greek, her name is Dorcas. The name had a resurgence due to being used as a character name in the television series Bewitched. She had to concoct a plan to have a child after her first husband died, or the line of Judah would have ended there.

Fun Fact : Vashti was the queen of Persia. Esther replaced her as the wife of King Ahasuerus in the Book of Esther. She is a figure in the Purim story. Astin is the Greek version of her name.

Fun Fact: In Genesis, Zillah was one of the two wives in the first listed polygamist relationship. She is believed to be buried in the Tomb of the Matriarchs in Tiberias. These are some of the most popular and unique biblical names for boys, along with their meanings, origins, popularity in the top 1, list of boy names , and other interesting information. He was the first high priest of the Israelites and the priesthood would descend through his line.

He is regarded as the founder of both the Hebrews through his son Isaac and the Muslims through his son Ishmael. He spoke out for social justice, especially decrying greed and oppression of the poor. He evangelized in the Black Sea region. He was crucified on an X-shaped cross, which is today called the Saltire of St. Andrew and is used on the Scottish flag and the flag of the United Kingdom.

Fun Fact : Bartholomew was one of the 12 apostles in the New Testament. He is said to have evangelized in India and Armenia before being martyred. Fun Fact : Benjamin was the youngest of the 12 sons of Jacob, being a full brother to Joseph by Rachel and half brother to the others.

Daniel serves in the court of King Nebuchadnezzar and interprets his dreams. An angel helped him survive being thrown into a den of lions. Fun Fact : Elijah was one of the main prophets of the Old Testament.

Rather than dying, he was carried to heaven on a chariot of fire and later appeared to Jesus along with Moses during the transfiguration. Fun Fact: Ethan refers to a few minor characters in the Old Testament.

Ethan the Ezrahite was noted for his wisdom and is said to be the author of Psalm Fun Fact : Ezekiel was a prophet in Jerusalem when it was conquered and the nobility was taken into captivity in Babylon.

He foresaw the restoration of Israel. He served at the trial of the apostle Paul and often sent for Paul to talk with him. However, he left Paul in prison when he left office. He devised a clever plan to overcome a superior Midianite force by tricking them into thinking they had far more troops. Fun Fact : Isaac was born to Abraham and Sarah when she was 90 years old. God then tested Abraham's faith by commanding him to sacrifice Isaac but stayed his hand at the last moment. Fun Fact : Isaiah was one of the four major prophets of the Old Testament and was ascribed the authorship of the Book of Isaiah.

Fun Fact : Jacob came to be called Israel and his 12 sons formed the 12 tribes of Israel. Two of the 12 apostles were named James. Fun Fact: Jeremiah was one of the major prophets of the Old Testament. He lived to see the fall of Jerusalem and the destruction of the Temple of Solomon.

Baby names from the Bible

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Biblical baby names are some of the most enduring of all time. From the names of ordinary people to those of prophets and kings, the Bible can be a great source of inspiration. Many of the biblical boy names and girl names you'll find represent strength and virtue.

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Biblical Names Baby Names

The Bible may not be the first place you think to turn for baby name inspiration. From Elizabeth to Martha, the Bible is full of incredible women who made an indelible mark on the Christian world. Who better for your baby girl to share a name with than a woman marked by her strength and faith? This Hebrew name, which means "her father's joy" or "fountain of joy," is the name of Nabal's wife in the Old Testament , who later became the third wife of King David. Abigail was known for her intelligence, sensibility, and beauty , which she demonstrated even while married to the churlish, dishonest Nabal. Ariel, which means "lion of God" in Hebrew, is used as another name for the city of Jerusalem in the Old Testament. This name was also the name of a messenger who led a caravan of Levites to sanctuary under the direction of Ezra. Meaning "queen mother," this regal name is an ancient title belonging to a dynasty of Ethiopian queens in the New Testament. Diana, which means "luminous" or "perfect" in the New Testament, was the name given to a goddess of the Ephesian Christians. She also served as a follower of Jesus and a witness to Jesus' resurrection.

Christian Names for Baby Girls

In biblical times, a name often represented a person's reputation or nature. It was common to choose a name that would reflect characteristics of the person or the parents' aspirations for the child. Most Hebrew names had well-known, easy-to-understand meanings. The Old Testament prophets drew on this tradition by giving their children names symbolic of their prophetic statements. For example, Hosea named his daughter Lo-ruhama , which means "not pitied," because he said God would no longer have pity on the house of Israel.

One of the most common places for expectant parents to find baby name inspiration is the Bible.

You will find both classic and unusual baby names in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. They carry a history that can be appealing to have as part of your own child's story. While some of the meanings are quite noble "great warrior" or lovely "full of grace" , others are a bit less so "palm tree".

13 Biblical Baby Girl Names That Are Perfect for Your Little Blessing

Biblical girl names have long been a favorite of parents thanks to their beautiful meanings and associations. God is my father. Father of dew.


If you're not a fan of unique or trendy girl names, and prefer something with more meaning behind it, look no further. These religious monikers dig a little deeper and are rich with biblical history and tradition. You might be surprised at what you find! The Hebrew name means "my father is joy," which is basically made for a future daddy's girl. In the Old Testament, Abigail was the third wife of King David and was a prophet of unwavering faith.

List of women in the Bible

Bible names for girls have been popular in the US since the beginning of name history, with the ultimate Bible girl name Mary dominating the number one spot until the early Sixties, and Sarah ranking among the top five throughout the Eighties. The Bible is also the unlikely source for some of the trendiest girls' names, including Delilah — the top girl name starting with D — as well as Ada, Phoebe, Lydia, Naomi, and the many variations of Eve. The Bible can also be an excellent source of unique names for girls. Here's our complete collection of biblical baby names for girls. Click here for our list of Bible Names for Boys. Access the full range of names for girls via our master page of girl names. Abiah is a Biblical name that appears for both female and male figures.

Nov 13, - Many of the biblical boy names and girl names you'll find represent strength and virtue. This could make a biblical name a great fit for your baby. If.

Back to all baby names. From baby Adam and Eve to baby Gabriel, biblical names have been a popular choice for centuries. They never go out of style! Found in the Bible.

When we think of the Bible, we think of wise and courageous men who were valiant leaders to their people and faithful servants to God. But there were many Biblical women who possessed equal strength, fearlessness, and intelligence if not more , and whose actions and words have shaped history. If you're looking for strong women role models to name your baby girl after, there is no better collection of ideas than the Holy Book. This comprehensive list includes the names of all biblical women in the Old and New Testament, as well as places and virtues that can be used as names.

Traditions and customs define people, their thoughts, and opinions, their lifestyle, etc. One such lifestyle is to choose a name and Christian or Biblical names are a mirror of passing down faith in the younger generations to come. There are other biblical references as well from where these names are taken. Christian names are a massive collection of Hebrew, Middle Eastern, or Islamic names and have known never to run out of fashion.

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