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Guy gets electrocuted by power line

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FHP says on Friday morning, a dump truck finished delivering a load of dirt to the home of year-old Larry Brock. After the bed of the dump truck was raised to deliver the dirt, the driver of the vehicle pulled forward to ensure all of the dirt had been off-loaded. Troopers say, as a result of pulling forward with the bed up, the bed became entangled with a power line that ran overhead. Authorities say as the bed was being lowered, it caused the power line to break and fall, landing on Brock, who was standing close by. Officials say Brock died to due his injuries after being struck by the live power line and was pronounced dead at the scene by Jackson County Fire Rescue personal. Click Here to access the online Public Inspection File.

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Chilling Video Of A Man Electrocuted Atop A Train Is Not From Mumbai

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In the final moments of his life, Robert Zulauf administered CPR to his nephew and ordered bystanders to move away from the deadly power line that arced and bowed just a few feet from a Circle K parking lot. Flames danced around Jordan Zulauf as thick black smoke billowed and his uncle worked to save him. Above the men, a Commonwealth Edison line crackled and hummed so loudly it could be heard over both an approaching police siren and the screams of horrified onlookers.

Robert took a few steps toward his white utility truck, which he had parked along the road so he and Jordan could work on the telecommunication lines several feet below the ComEd wires. The bucket was extended about 6 feet off the ground and, according to one witness, a wire was touching its long metal arm. Robert, 32, was pronounced dead at the scene.

His year-old nephew, Jordan, was flown from the northern Illinois town of Sterling to Rockford, where doctors amputated his arms and he remained in a coma for several weeks. Besides her two school-age children, she would soon become the primary caretaker to a newborn and an adult nephew who had to relearn even the most basic skills.

The agency also resisted turning over those records in lawsuits filed by both Jeanette and Jordan Zulauf until a Cook County judge ordered it to do so this past summer.

While the judge prohibited those records from being shared with the public, ComEd engineers testified that one of several wires connected to the pole was not properly insulated. Just a week earlier, his 9-year-old daughter, Delanney, won the league championship with her softball team, and his beloved Cubs lifted a World Series trophy.

He had taken the train into the city with son Dylan, 6, and Jordan to watch the victory parade. Robert and Jordan, who had recently become Comcast subcontractors after years of working on cellphone towers, left for Sterling at dawn before the rest of the family awoke. Jeanette usually got up with them, but she decided to sleep a little later that morning because their kids had the day off from school due to the presidential election.

Before walking out the door, Robert grabbed the lunch Jeanette prepared for him the night before — three crunchy peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, each one with a small bite in the corner meant to be a love note from his wife.

He and Jordan were installing new fiber optic cable in Sterling around noon, working on a Comcast-controlled line that leased space on the Commonwealth Edison pole.

The Comcast wire was located roughly 6 feet below three kilovolt power lines, ostensibly a safe enough distance from the dangerous high-voltage wires. But the guy wire — the metal line that runs diagonally from the pole to the ground to provide support — was loose and made contact with a ComEd line, electrifying the portion of it below the insulator and posing a serious threat to those nearby. If the guy wire had been installed according to state code and federal guidelines, an insulator would have been placed below the lowest power line to stop it from electrifying portions of the guy wire closest to the ground.

Instead, the insulator had been placed above the kilovolt line, allowing a deadly level of electricity into the wire and putting Robert and Jordan Zulauf at risk. He has no memory of that day, and witness accounts do not provide a clear picture.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration investigation concluded that he was in the bucket when the wire made contact and the electric shock caused him to fall out of it. When Robert touched his truck after authorities arrived, the electrical current that shot through his body was so strong his hard hat flew off and he burst into flames, according to police reports.

Court records show ComEd blames the Zulaufs for the electric shocks, arguing one of the men purposefully detached the guy wire and caused it to come in contact with the power line.

But even if Robert or Jordan had detached the guy wire, properly placed insulators would have minimized the danger. In depositions taken as part of the case, two ComEd engineers acknowledged at least one Sterling insulator was improperly installed in and remained that way for nearly a half century.

A second ComEd engineer also testified that the guy wire had been improperly installed and never corrected, according to depositions obtained by the Tribune. In addition to losing his arms, Jordan has phantom limb syndrome and often feels excruciating pain in hands that no longer exist.

The men received the electric shocks because the guy wire became detached from the ground and anything that happened afterward is irrelevant, spokesman Paul Elsberg said. In images captured by Google Street View in and frequently referenced in depositions, the insulator on one of seven guy wires supporting the pole is clearly above the lowest kilovolt line. The Illinois Commerce Commission told the Tribune it had no record of any code violations involving that specific pole. ICC inspectors file reports about noncompliant guy wire insulators if they notice them in the field, but officials say the number of such inspections has dwindled in the past decade.

When Stoller retired in , the department was doing about a quarter of the inspections it previously had. Records show the inspection cutbacks came even as ICC officials knew tens of thousands of poles across the state may have been improperly insulated. Ameren Corp. Of those, nearly 38, were thought to be guy wire violations. The following year, Ameren reported it addressed more than 21, problematic guy wires.

Of those, an estimated 81 percent — about 17, — were either improperly insulated or had no insulation at all. Since the ICC first notified us of the deficiencies in , Ameren Illinois has repaired thousands of guy wire insulators," Tucker Kennedy, Ameren Illinois communications director, told the Tribune in an email. ComEd has made no such public disclosure of its own equipment that falls into that category. The utility has an estimated 1. Records show the ICC had ordered Ameren to address its problems.

At the direction of ICC attorneys, Rockrohr declined to disclose the results of the investigation or any corrective measures state regulators requested. ComEd would not provide those numbers to the Tribune, though the utility said it voluntarily conducted additional training following the accident to ensure inspectors continue to properly examine equipment, including guy wires and insulators, across its entire 11,square-mile region.

The ICC did not conduct its own utilitywide inquiry to determine whether a larger problem exists, though it did request a summary from ComEd about the other potential insulator risks. Commission attorneys argued the agency must keep certain ComEd documents confidential in order to ensure truthful communications with the utility.

To provide those records to Jordan and Jeanette Zulauf, they said, would violate a long-standing policy. Blandin referenced news stories from July 12, 16 and 18 in his arguments, though he did not cite the publications in which they appeared, according to the transcripts. According to the Tribune, authorities were seeking records of communications among Madigan, McClain and Zalewski related to attempts to get ComEd lobbying work for Zalewski after he retired in Pritzker to run the Illinois Commerce Commission.

Carrie Zalewski, an attorney and engineer, worked for several other state agencies and was a regulator at the Illinois Pollution Control Board before being appointed to a five-year term in March.

Specifically citing the family ties between Michael Zalewski and Carrie Zalewski, Blandin urged the judge to be skeptical of the relationship between ComEd and the ICC given the current federal investigation, court records show.

Jordan Zulauf, who was breathing through a tracheal tube, tried to gasp for air, causing alarms to sound on the nearby medical equipment. It would be a week before Jordan could fully comprehend and retain what his aunt was telling him, so Jeanette made the minute trip each day from West Chicago to Rockford to explain what happened over and over until he understood. When he could talk, he asked Jeanette why it had to be Robert who died.

Jordan, who has no children, insisted it should have been him. Jordan spent several more weeks in the hospital and at a rehabilitation center learning how to adapt to a life without arms.

He got Jordan a job doing cell tower work alongside him, making sure he got up each morning, went to work, paid his bills and did chores around the house. Jordan played the role of the clownish assistant who distracted the kids and made them laugh. The early days were difficult. With two school-age children and a newborn, Jeanette also had to assist Jordan as he adjusted to his new life. She and the older kids helped him dress, eat and take care of basic hygiene.

To be dependent on his 6-year-old cousin to go to the bathroom was sometimes more than Jordan could bear. Meal times also could be a source of frustration, especially as Jordan learned how to feed himself trough-style without hands.

On many occasions, his plate would go crashing to the floor. He would get upset. And we just dealt with it as it came. Jeanette has assumed the life of a single mother, juggling a toddler, two tweens on traveling sports teams and the occasional part-time babysitting job. Jordan helps around the house, handling laundry and pitching in at meal time. He no longer coaches, but he cheers on Delanney and Dylan almost as enthusiastically as their dad did.

In fact, the entire family moves forward for just the same reason. When the daily routine of work turned tragic in an instant, a wife and children found a future they never expected. We just do it because we have to. This story was featured in our Daywatch newsletter. Sign up here to start your day with our top stories. Got something to say about this story? Join the conversation on Facebook and like our page to get more stories from the Tribune in your news feed.

Skip to content. In , Jordan lost his arms -- and his uncle Robert Zulauf, Jeanette's husband, was killed -- when they were electrocuted by an improperly insulated ComEd line. Robert touched the truck. His body went rigid and he fell to the ground.

He instantly burst into flames. A horrific shock, then another. Robert immediately began CPR on Jordan and yelled for someone to call An insulator wrongly installed — in The agency currently has just two engineers responsible for millions of poles.

Jordan Zulauf does the family laundry, Aug. In , Jordan lost his arms, and his uncle died, after being electrocuted. Jordan Zulauf, who lost his arms when he suffered an electric shock, signs paperwork while his aunt Jeanette Zulauf helps him hold it in place. Does the Chicago area need another airport? Plans for a Peotone airport are back, this time with an e-commerce spin. Jordan Zulauf, who lost his arms from an electric shock, texts using his nose at his West Chicago home.

Jordan Zulauf helps his cousin Donovan, 2, take his shoes off. Donovan was born after his father, Robert, died in an electrocution that also resulted in Jordan losing his arms. Latest News. Politics Former President Barack Obama to headline nationally televised commencement speech tonight. Prosecutors: Altgeld Gardens gang did block-by-block sweep for rivals, killed grandmother arriving home instead.

Lawsuit: Lake Zurich High hazing included forced sex acts.

2 contractors electrocuted while working on New York power lines

A year-old man who survived a crash into a utility pole died after he was electrocuted when stepping out of his vehicle and onto the downed power line. Both Garnica and his girlfriend, Destiny Wallace were injured in the crash but both survived the single-car crash. However, when Garnica stepped out of the vehicle to inspect the damage he stepped directly onto the downed power line he had just knocked over and was electrocuted.

In the final moments of his life, Robert Zulauf administered CPR to his nephew and ordered bystanders to move away from the deadly power line that arced and bowed just a few feet from a Circle K parking lot. Flames danced around Jordan Zulauf as thick black smoke billowed and his uncle worked to save him. Above the men, a Commonwealth Edison line crackled and hummed so loudly it could be heard over both an approaching police siren and the screams of horrified onlookers.

A chilling video of a man being electrocuted after touching an overhead wire of a railway track in West Bengal's Malda town is being shared online with claims that it occurred in Mumbai. The video shows a man atop an express train, that had halted on the station, trying to touch the high voltage overhead wires in an attempt to commit suicide. In the first few seconds, the victim joins his hands and touches the wires. Within seconds the man's entire body catches fire. The footage is doing the rounds as an incident that happened in Western Railway's Malad station.

Man electrocuted, girl seriously injured by power lines in Ngatira, South Waikato

Tension gripped residents of Hongasandra in Bommanahalli near Electronics City after a drunk man climbed a building, caught a live electrical wire to end his life on Friday evening. He died of. He died of electrocution and locals started recording the incident for a few minutes instead of preventing it. The deceased has been identified as Raju T, a native of Tamil Nadu. He was residing at Balaji Layout along with his wife and two children. A senior police officer said that the incident took place around 2. He came down near the electrical wire and held it. The residents started shouting at him but he did not listen to them. As he held on to the wire, he got electrocuted and fell down.

SAPD: Landscaper electrocuted, 2 injured after cutting power line while trimming trees

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Drunk man grabs power line, dies of electrocution

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Mississippi man electrocuted by downed power line, sheriff says

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Warning: This video contains disturbing images. This video from Santiago, Chile shows a man who climbed Jan 9,

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Brazil Worker Gets Electrocuted While Working On Power Lines, Man Suffers High Voltage Shock

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ETX man electrocuted after attempting to cut power line

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